Two 60s Female Pop Personalities Who Also Were Singers

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I really like checking out @Grapthar's Song of the Day series. Today he featured Brigitte Bardot who was a beautiful French model and Movie star. After listening to the video of her singing "La Fille De Paille" I was reminded of a song by another female French personality and one from the UK.

Françoise Hardy

Françoise Hardy is a beautiful French woman born in the 40s who has gained fame from her work in music, fashion, movies and TV. She had some records out in the early 60s, but I really enjoy this up beat tune from the mid 60s, called "Les Garçons" which apparently means "the boys". Francoise Hardy sings this with Jacques Dutronc who was also a pop personality and later became her husband.

I like the song because it has some Garage Rock elements. It is up beat - so much so, that Françoise starts the video off with a headbanger motion and then jumps up and down to it through much of the video! It has electric guitar and a repeating riff, like Garage Rock. Unfortunately the quality of the video is poor, but you'll get a good feel for the song anyway.


One of the more popular models of the 60s was Lesley Lawson popularly known as Twiggy due to her slim figure. She was very popular in the UK and worldwide in 1966 and 1967, and it was at this time that she recorded a song called, When I Think Of You. In addition to her success in the fashion world, she also went on to be in movies and television.

This song starts off with a dizzying string riff, setting the tone of disconnection since her man walked away, leaving her on her own, crying her eyes out, over him. It's primarily a guitar with a horn and massively pounding drums that create a beat that you can dance to!

Thanks For Stopping By!

Well thanks for watching these 2 somewhat obscure 60s music videos. That's what I do here on Steemit, bring back songs from long ago that I think are worth hearing again. Garage Rock is an established niche music genre with a small but hard core set of fans. It seems that no one else is exploring it here on Steemit, so since I have been writing and podcasting about Garage Rock for many years I thought I'd fill the Garage Rock void here on Steemit.

Thanks to @Grapthar for inspiring this particular post. He writes about cool tunes here everyday (and posts cat photos!) so go follow him!

Follow me if you want to hear some songs you probably never heard before! Isn't pop music of today getting repetitive? Go back in time with me, to an era when bands were super excited to be able to make their own original music in the new rock styles of the mid 1960s!

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