Garage Rock Motown Song! Dance to "Love's Gone Bad" by The Underdogs!

in music •  2 months ago

Recorded in late 1966 and released in January 1967, here's a Motown Song that Rocks! It's fast and you can build up your @actifit number by dancing like a maniac to this!

Don't be fooled by the first 20 seconds. It starts off slow and dreary.

I feel the pounding in my brain; ice cold water running in my veins. Got a bad taste in my mouth from bitter tears. I'm feeling sad 'cause...

It picks up right about here!

Love's Gone bad!

I see a rainbow, all black. Must be a sign you ain't coming back. Wake in the night, calling your name. I see your face on my window pane. I fee this way since you been gone. Without your loving I just can't go on....

On it goes until the very cool break at a minute 8 seconds.

This song has a great drum beat along with guitar and organ playing the 4 chords. You CAN dance to this! I mean, its a Motown song!

If you have no idea what to do, try this - do jumping jacks! Seriously. Put your phone in your hand with the @actifit app on the screen and do jumping jacks to this! Not at the beginning, but once it kicks up the pace. You'll see, it works!

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