My back to school giveaway Performance for the kids.

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My back to school giveaway Performance for the kids was an amazing experience & a couple kids followed me around all had to sign autographs for the little guys. What i noticed at this show was That the kids seemed to enjoy the show twice as much as their parents & other grown folks in attendance.. the funniest Memory from this event was this little 5 year old that kept on coming back to over & over asking, "What's your name again"... lol.. after all was said and done, he had me write it down with all my social media handles.. this is a five year old, so the music was definitely felt by him. I love performing live, this is my thing.. however..lately I've noticed my performances are encouraged by money, for instance, if i don't get paid for a show, I'll honestly trey to give my best performance without breaking a sweat, but when I'm paid my asking price, I go all out on that stage to get the crowd all in... at's done without even trying, & so i found a skilful way to operate on stages at any given time, anywhere.. the art of entertainment is what I've learned. Please support my independent movement, musically inspired and original in creativity. Add my latest releases and videos to your music Playlist. I guarantee you'll come lots of new music you'll love written and performed by me G-Terra. Tell a friend to tell a friend, a fresh sound is in the mix, you don't have to settle for the repetitive radio programming.. just follow & listen on your favorite music store.. put me in the game coach!!!

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