TIL: STEEM-SITE for Musicians & The First Record-Label to use Bitshares for Company-Shares (HOT HOT NEWS)

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Say goodbye to SoundCloud and hello to the new STEEM-Based system that rewards musicians, singers and songwriters!

I learn something every day from all these fantastic innovative people I meet on @SteemSpeak Discord, and if you are a singer, songwriter or want to be one? Well, soon the first STEEM-Based Music-Streaming site opening for the public and the company behind it using the Bitshares platform to issue company shares to their shareholders after all the legal formalities have been taken care of. Crowd-sale happening right now with a duration of about a month FYI.

So, the guy behind this new Record-Label; The Music-Producer @senseiteekay and his new label called @Thirsty Records will be a place where you can buy and sell melodies for SteemDollars, and release your tracks or full albums on their streaming-service which uses STEEM for initially rewarding artists while all the copyrights are being taken care of by the record-label traditionally.

Time to brush the dust off your violin and tune that guitar - STEEM-STREAMED-MUSIC about to happen guys, and I for one looking very much forward to the big premiere later this year.

The Front-End that people will be using has been named Streams and the platform allows users to do the following:

  • upload any kind of audio
  • set licenses for each piece of audio
  • sell audio
  • share audio
  • download audio
  • network with musicians
  • follow your favourite artists
  • earn vote rewards (same as Steemit, Busy, eSteem etc...)

Streams uses a private server to host files, which are signed and pointed to the Steem blockchain.
Source: https://steemit.com/thirsty/@thirsty/our-services-streams-and-thirsty-records

Official website for Thirsty Records: Thirsty.Online
Buy SHARES in the Thirsty Record Label: thirsty.online/campaign

So, what do YOU think about @Thirsty Records and this new way of making the STEEM blockchain and the STEEM & SBD Tokens for musicians? Leave a comment below, spread some awareness by RE-STEEMING this news to as many as you can, and check out @thirsty and @senseiteekay here on Steemit/Busy/eSteem or whatever platform you are using and say hello to something brand new :)

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If not this, something similar. Bittunes, that Counterparty thing (Peershares?), Imogen Heap's system being developed, etc... somebody will get it right and music will have its chance to thrive apart from the parasites.

This is very interesting. I look forward to seeing and indeed using it


me too, looking forward to buy melodies with SteemDollars, make my own lyrics - sing it and upload it and get Steem-Rewards for the next hit I make ;)

From what I have seen and heard from @senseiteekay so far, I am very optimistic. He has been working on this for many months already.

To The Moon :D


Yup, anything that provides a route for people to use SBD is a big draw!

So this is what MUSE was going to be. I very much look forward to seeing a workable, useable interface.
This will be big news and rightly so.

Can't wait to use this! Exactly what I need right now

Can't wait to get in there for the crowdsale. I think it started but have no idea where to go?

Oh My Good:) This is so awesome...I'm really looking forward the evolution of this. Im joining SteemSpeak Discord now, cheers!!!!


p.s I support this 100%, let's blow up thirsty records lol, support J,Cam Music!!!


Awesome - Here you have a direct invite link: https://discord.gg/sqxV63P

I'm rooting for you @senseiteekay bro, and thanks for the update @fyrstikken. UV

Sounds interesting, looking forward to it.

I hope we will see various businesses using Steem. It should allow artists and other content creators to get rewarded. Musicians have been ripped off for long enough

I'm wondering how the y handle the additional services required for artists to make money with their productions. The music industry may indeed seem to be a bit off balance regarding gross income from the consumer versus income to the artists, for productions. BUT, keep in mind, the artists world is highly competitive, and their are soooo many of them, artists need promotions (radio, TV, spotify etc), artists need management (they are usually not so good in self management, or business for that matter) and so on. That are reasons why the industry is what the industry is, more or less. I'm not saying this can not be done different, but it'll not be easy to change things and I think it'll take much more than a service for self distribution. BTW, Beatport, the number 1 digital music seller in the world in the electronic music segment, pays the artists (or it label) a much higher percentage of gross income over the traditional retail. BTW, streaming services like Spotify are struggling to make a profit with the 10$/mnth subscriptions, and they already have more than 20m users or so, and the artists are also not getting rich over their income from Spotify. Although not liked by artists too much, I always say: "for artists to make their money, they have to get out in the field, sell their performances for live shows". The times are over for artists to make most of their money through music recording and distribution through media other than live shows.


Hey, @edje. Our music label covers all the traditional industry standards for music promotion, what makes us different is that we accept digital currencies for these services. And, the music industry is currently shifting to digital. Digital music sales have officially surpassed traditional music sales, with a growth rate of 51%. The music industry is currently in a state of growth, which up until 2012 was declining. It's currently growing by 5.4% CAGR.And, in regards to music applications, Soundcloud made 60 million last year in profit off of subscriptions alone, so I'm not sure where people are getting these music app revenue figures from.

Thanks for your comment.

Thanks for the shout out Fyrst :)