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Without music, life would be a mistake. Pantera –Vulgar Display of Power

in music •  10 months ago

Citing Nietzsche is so fitting when it comes to Pantera. Lyrics about supremacy, independence and power. How fitting ;-) Vulgar display is an album I forget but shouldn't. Because it is hard to beat. Stop searching for the next big thing and dig up some old tunes.

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Hell yeah

That's a classic. I'm not to sure about supporting the lyrical content especially keeping in mind Phil's white supremacy leanings, but musically speaking, this is one of the albums that hold up.


I have no problems with Phil on these early albums. The foolish things he has done recently is another story.


The thing is that when you know where his head was at more recently when he was older and supposedly wiser, you can't rule out a lot of the independence, power and supremacy themes to have pretty bad undertones. I have no clue if that was the case and I'm not really sure what's really going on in his mind, but I do feel uneasy about it. Chances are, this ideas are not something new to him.

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