Chill Out Piano/Guitar Instrumental

in #music3 years ago


Here's one I made last night. It's a nice relaxing piano melody with some guitar played over the top of it and some soothing pads added for atmospheric effect.

Here it is and thanks for listening:


Did you play in the piano parts or are these samples?

I made the piano parts from scratch on the laptop. I have a rule that I never use samples for melodies. It's a weird rule in music but I like to come up with my own melodies

Track is on your discord

Just listened there. Sounds cool. I'll keep a copy of it for when I do release the full track at some point. I'm focusing on getting my beats onto tv and film over the next while so I'm not sure if I can release them at the min until I better understand how sync licensing works. Thanks for recording that :)

lost you discord i think hit me up i have the harley to your joker done on insane