Let's Love in My Self Potrait... Recommendation + Review

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Now, i will do a post dedicated to my recent favorite album that just been released few days ago.
March 30, 2020 to be exact.
The singer are Suho, a member of a well known South Korea boygroup, EXO.
He's the leader of EXO too.
The album named Self-Potrait including 6 songs with Let's Love as the title track.

I just stumbled on this album by chance, because one of my friend been requesting me to do a music video reaction of the title track.
I've never heard Suho singing so im curious.
And so surprised by his voice.
The song, Lets Love are the type of song that i enjoy.
So, i decided to check out the b-sides of the album and my oh my, who would have thought i will fall in love.

So, i will list my favorite song from the whole album. Total 3 out of 6 songs. Its not that i dislike tge other song, its. Just i love this 3 so much and its on my top 3.

Made In You


Yes, my number one favorite are the b-sides, not the title track itself.
This song is so sweet, like the melody, the lyric is simple but sweet too.
The lyrics talked about how a man get helped by a girl that he loved to be a brighter and shining person, here it means that someone that doing better in life i guess. And without the girl, he wont be able to become someone that he is today.
In this song, we can hear a lot of quite a sweet high note from Suho.

My favorite part are
** So I, I’m made in you.
Girl, you make me one of a kind.
I’m a star meant to shine only on you... **

Let's Love


Honestly, when i first listening to this song.
In the first fee seconds till bridge. I thought this song is just so-so.
Good but so - so.
But the bridge till the end, i was completely awestruck.
This song, when you listened to it, will leave a bittersweet kind of feelings.
And when i read the lyrics, its match the song quite well.
This song talked about someone past lover and they still have lingering feeling to that past lover because he feels so lost without her. He love her so much till it feels like a dream.

My favorite part are
I was not enough but you fill me.
I was like winter but now I’m warm.
Without even a word you change me.
You were too far away but now you’re in front of me.
I’m being colored by you...

Self Potrait


Surprisingly, i love the song that have the same name with the album.
I honestly doesnt get why they dont use this song as the title track if they want to put her name to the album, right?
This song has similar vibe and meani,g with the other song.
Its about loving a girl too much that he feels the life without her has no meaning.

My favorite part
**Everything is clear,

Because you exist in me,

I draw the me who were full of you.

And keep repeating,

Because you don't exist here.

Please come back to back.

Then when it was bright.**

Anyway, i think the people who write the lyric on this songs needed help. Please find yourself by yourself. You're way too attached to another person. You can be happy without him/her too. Find your happiness inside you first, OK?

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