Music: Turquoise Jeep self-parodies sexy 80's R&B

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How you like your eggs? Fried or fertilised?


Today we travel to an alternate dimension where '80s cheese makers are sexy musicians. The core members are dancer/rapper Flynt Flossy and Tummiscratch Beats. They have a revolving stable of performers including; Yung Humma, Whatchyamacallit, Pretty Raheem, Slick Mahony, Moon Rock and Pierre Cashmere. More recently, they are working with the Shero Syndicate. Their YouTube channel is at I'll highlight a few tracks below.

The group gained some viral success with this track "Lemme Smang It" - Yung Humma and Flynt Flossie. If you haven't been riding the Jeep, then this is the track you are most likely to have heard. Smang it will remain that imperfect classic that fans will keep on requesting. Other notable tracks from their first album are, slow-jam "Cavities", the big-colourful-suits in "Can he move it like this" and sorry-for-cheating "Shuyamouf". The slow-jams stand out the most; cheese and jam is a great sandwich. But, the track that puts a smile on the dial for its naughty cheesy romance has to be "Go grab my belt" - Slick Mahoney.

"Go grab my belt. You need a .... " ahem blush haha, and that's the charm of Turquoise Jeep - their songs are so sing-along-able. You'll catch yourself belting out a line like "Treat me like a pirate" and gimme that booty" and amaze you dared let that much cheese pass your lips. TQJ reaches peak RnB song in their later release "She has a lover" where Pierre Cashmere and Slick Mahoney desire the same woman.

"You gotta work" - MoonRock ft. Yung Humma shows their refined aesthetic in this track about clueless suitors. And yes, cheesy lines like "Tryna fork all knife when all I wanna do is spoon" are simply lol-magic. MoonRock was a breath of fresh air to their lineup, and their work from this point on includes more female vocals.

From the sexy slow-jam to the very danceable - TQJ does it well. I can't wait to see what else comes out of the sexy cheesy '80s. So, dear readers, what TQJ track did I miss?

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LMAO, this is hilarious. Thanks for sharing these ET.


Glad you like it. I like music that doesn't take itself too seriously.


:) This is one of my favorite:


Schmoyoho is excellent! DJ play my song is great too. I have more fun bands on my list to profile.


and also have really good rythm the songs I like it O.ob

Cool post buddy! Been a long while since our last correspondence. So I've been on auto post with a ton of material from South America pre made while I was in the states. Spent my free time the past couple months roaming Europe in search of a girlfriend. Found one here in Kieve Ukraine. Have you ever been to this part of the world?

Now that I have this part of my life mostly sorted out I'm gonnna be spending more time on steemit. Putting up the quality writings and more that I know you enjoyed from the start. Steemit is looking a bit less third-worldly these days, but honestly it's hard for me to tell anymore.

I didn't realize how much SP you have, and have delegated out. I was thinking about looking for a delegation. Maybe you can let me know how I can get my hands on some of your SP?

So just wanted to check in with you, thank you for your continued support. Oh, by the way will you be going to steemfest in Poland? I'm pretty sure I'll be there. After all I'm probably going to stay in Ukraine with my girl until then, and Poland is right next door.

Hope you are well my friend and have a great day! -Dan


Congrats on finding a girlfriend. I've never been to that part of the world before. One day - though my next adventure trip is going to the Himalaya.
I have no plans to attend SteemFest. One day I'll get to one, but for now, other things continue to take my time.
My SP is currently going into my @we-are project. It's still in closed trial mode. It's a free upvote bot aimed at supporting growing communities. There's mumbly blog post about it on the @we-are-one blog.
Unfortunately, that means I'm slowly winding back on private delegations. I'm aware that that leaves quality content creators like yourself out of the running - perhaps there's a digital nomad group you might form or join?
Prices for delegation rentals are very cheap atm, if you want to try minnowbooster's marketplace.
Oh, yes. Almost forgot: there's a pretty cool thing called @steembasicincome that might suit regular posters like yourself. I'll send you a few shares - I hope you check out what they're doing.


So good to hear from you my friend and thank you for the congratulations. She is a lovely smart girl. Thank you for the info I've just saved this reply to my desk top and and I'll look into the programs you've mentioned when I have a little more time. Best of luck with your project and thanks again for the sound advice.

I like my eggs fried 😂..... Make me origami... I can handle it

gotta say i didn't recognize a single song here lol


Sort of the point of the series! I'm tryimg to find little known interesting groups. Usually it's ethnic world music, but why not some pop every now and then.

Those songs bring their message, at the end they speak clearly, kisses <3 :*

  Oooh Yeah! Yeah yeah, yeah yeah!! Music very entertaining and fun, I made several laughs, I also entertained while doing a reading, genil, thank you for sharing. One things, I like fertilized lol. Greets and a hug.

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