Music: AWAKEN - A visual album by Laura Mam

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A gentle emotionally powerful visual album with many overlapping metaphors.

I was prodded to share some music from diverse tastes that I think you might like. I'm going to start with "AWAKEN", a visual album by Laura Mam. I've been to Cambodia twice and have fallen for the music. Their '60s and early '70s was a melting pot of styles and many kept a unique Cambodian flavour to them. If you find many Asian singing styles too nasally then Laura Mam's contemporary rock music will win you over.

Laura Mam says this about the album:

“Awaken” translates to in my eyes, “trah dung”. It is a time for the enlightening of the mind for our people, a time to see myself as a Cambodian and Cambodia in all of its beauty and its flaws. I am awakened to see that truth. And I hope you will be too. In this project, I used many metaphors that I hope will make you question, open your mind, and think critically about all of our lives here, what we owe to ourselves, our nation, and our future generation.
This is a tale of a great Cambodian nightmare, of defeat and despair, and a return to hope.

That last sentence really sums up the emotional trajectory of the work. This is contemporary rock with a peaceful sound and its culture right at the core. You won't need to understand Khmer language, history or culture to find value in this album, but if you do know these things then you'll be well rewarded. Your feels will be more than enough to get what's going on and that makes this a universally human work.

Put this album on during a rainy day, when you need something contemplative to soundtrack your work, or to process your breakup. This isn't music for the impatient, the agitated or for the pre-workout hype session. Instead, let this music's quiet insistence creep up and seduce you into coming on its journey.

The visuals do enhance the experience, but if I asked you to watch just one track, it would be the fourth track which starts at 12:35. Well, you could start the track at 13:10 but I think the noisescape and Laura's reaction to it is important to understand the track. I later found out this has also become Laura's favourite track too.

The fourth track features a pair of Apsara dancers. For me, this track is the most introspective processing of what has gone before, an acceptance of the past and how to move forward; this is self-reckoning that precedes accepting brightness again. This is the equivalent of watching the climatic battle from an action film, but its gentle, quiet yet totally confident in the direction it wants to take you. The intimate house setting paints this as primarily an internal struggle with dancers standing in the turmoil in the singer's mind. The mixture of contemporary and traditional dancing perfectly emotes the way the dancer finds comfort and turmoil in the old and the new before mediating a new solace for themselves.

Let me know what you think of the track in the comments.

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My great boss, its good to see you write again after a long time.
I didn't know you are a fan of cultural music. 🤗

forget or forgive die or live i think i love this lines, am still watching the i pray everyday that i will finally be awake....boss she killed the music she is good....the dancers moves express the music more better even if you find it difficult to understand you will understand with the dance.....i believe she is from asia.....

A gentle emotionally powerful visual album with many overlapping metaphors.
i didnt noticed this probably because i am not on that profession,
thanks for sharing boss, its been awhile

Excellent music, fantastic and very friendly. The language in which you find the songs is not my strong point, but thanks to the scenery I could notice that there is a strong explosion and union of cultures, with relaxing melodies and in strong moments, that transmit those desires of freedom, to break the chains and to cross the barriers, seeking to recover the hope that was lost by a fall, very good. The theme where the girl and the boy are dancing is very beautiful, expresses that pure love but at the same time it is not real but rather fugues, an illusion. The last song is definitely great, a more lively, jovial and youthful rhythm. Very good music, thanks for sharing, I'll download those songs hahaha. Greetings.

It’s been a while really but once you come out with something it’s always bang bang bang! Great @eturnex

I enjoyed the musics, cool sound and all. Music is one good way of leaving a legacy behind. This is the first blog of yours I'm able to engage with since you dont blog very often. Great post, @eturnerx

They got some pretty good songs in Cambodia, I must say. I have been to Cambodia in 2012 and I love the country, haven't listend to any songs till now though.

She really has a great voice, wow!

It is amazing and it amazes me in your writing in your story as Laura man's says about Cambodia in dreams, and your post has been present in my blog because I have resteem your post @eturnerx

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Felicitaciones y gracias por compartir ese video tan hermoso.

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Thanks to @souldelas.

Top! Excellent. I like this. Very thanks for sharing!

it was awesome song I really love it and the music quality is awesome enjoy it thank you

The visuals are awesome! Some parts remind me a bit of Sia style!

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Excelente post, es agradable el tono, y transmite una tranquilidad inmensa escucharlo.Gracias por compartir.