Phenomenal DJ set: ARTBAT

in music •  last month

First time I've heard of these DJs. Great vibes, awesome production. Gonna go there straight next time if and when either Steem or Agoras gets ahead of the cryptocurrency race in the future ;)

Video by Cercle.

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Wow, what an amazing location! I wish I was there for this.

Amazing location!

A quick google tells me this is Sugarloaf mountain, accessible by picks and ropes, or cable car.

If I ever make it there, Steem done good.


Let's hang out there then, whenever that is :)

I'm coming along

It is not the first video from Cercle where they let a DJ play in the most beautiful and visually stunned places. Previously they invited more recognizable names, this one is completely unknown for me. Will check those guys, perhaps I've missed something big in electronic music.