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in music •  4 months ago

There absolutely a learning curve and I think it is a fair point that not everyone will get it (or appreciate it). I fell in love quickly, took a hiatus and fell back into obsession with it.

What do you think can be done to level that learning curve? Will HF20 help? SMTs?

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SMT's will probably help the most, it will create sub ecosystems, where hopefully those in power are way more active and interested in enriching those who bring value and help grow that ecosystem.

Currently the same small subset of people, early cryptofans, are trying to reward actors in every topic. This would be hard to do even if someone would work at it 24/7, and we know that's not the case for our current whales.

The initial distribution made it impossible to Steem grow organically, from bottom to up. In my opinion it was very bad idea to give such a huge share of control to those who didn't earn it the social way. That's something that will take a lot of time to fix.

It would take special kind of people in control to really make Steem flourish with the current system, SMT's will at least give it a fair chance for the first time, I hope.

The current trending feed is full of advertisement and contests, how engaging. Whales trying their best?

The main jist that can be taken from this talk is that people see the rewards these advertisement posts are getting and compare it to their own and will want to leave. That's the first reaction they'll get and most act on it.

Most are in denial of that reality, but that's the easiest path to take so it's understandable.

Steem is blockchain like no other, it matters who holds most of its tokens and how they act or don't act.
Currently as our coinmarketcap ranking can tell, it's being run down to the bottom.

But I'm not just pointing out failures in the current system, I'm also trying to do something about it, like building a front end that filters out promoted content and gives a little more weight to people backing up a post rather than just the money behind it. I also had to implement filter for "regular trenders and contests" and after all that, the trending is finally resembling something worth looking into even for a every day Joe and Mary, who we are in desperate need of getting in here, yet shunning away.


Hello igster. Steemgar is not working properly. You can not chat and at the end you are not in the winner list. If no kill has taken place, nobody stands there as if nobody had played. It shows error at the end. Can you fix it, please? =)