Benefits of playing a musical instrument in children

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Good afternoon, dear friends

Today I will write some of the benefits that our children can enjoy playing musical instruments, children are able to absorb and learn much faster than an adult but also adults can enjoy the benefits that allows us to play musical instruments.



This is a benefit that they will obtain by playing any musical instrument, the musical ear develops as they practice the instrument and together with this the auditory memory. When they have to learn some musical pieces they will be exercising it, since a piece of music can have great diversity of music. Notes, silences, alterations and also must learn different figures, all this will be made easy thanks to the musical rhythm is for this reason that the auditory memory of a musician is so good.

Then when years have passed with an instrument and many years have passed without touching a song they learned is their beginnings, I assure you that they may forget a little, but their auditory memories will allow them to touch it and I assure you that in a matter of minutes they will play them just as they did years ago.


Perseverance and discipline

The desire to learn to play an instrument will make them perseverant and disciplined, I know that when a child takes a musical instrument and falls in love with it, he will want to be able to play it as his favorite musician or artist, which will make him constant to try to match it. Perseverance should be inculcated as a benefit, but also as an obligation if they have never advanced, this does not only count for a musical instrument, but for any other thing that they wish to do in their life, any goal that they want to reach, obstacle they want overcome, for this you need to be persistent; There is a famous saying that says “Who perseveres, reaches."


Lung capacity

With good indications and with time our children through the wind musical instruments, they will learn to breathe properly and they will have their lungs in constant exercises. This will develop them and is even able to avoid diseases such as asthma.


Eliminate stress

I know that many people think that children can not be stressed, because they are really wrong, even a child of 3 years of age can be stressed, I will give you an everyday example, many children at that age begin a stage called kindergarden, can that for most children it is the first time that their parents leave them alone with a teacher and with other totally unknown children, the death of a relative or a loved one can also cause a lot of stress in a child, as are many other reasons .

Excuse me for deviating a little from the subject, only that is something I needed to clarify since many think that a child does not get stressed. Well the music is able to eliminate all those mixed feelings, disconnects them in such a way that in their mind they will only be, their desire to play their instrument and make music and of course improve day by day.


until next time!



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