I was on American Idol? meh, not for very long lol

in #music6 years ago
It was Season 10 of American Idol and I was one of two who made it from Michigan that year.  I made it through the judges singing the Maroon 5 song "Sunday Morning".  Anyway, Here' a bit on that ;)

Your Friendly Neighborhood Musician,



Don't worry man, now you are on steemit Idol the place where no one can reject you or judge you. Well almost nobody.
Here you can do better and get respected for who you are and what you do.
Cheers and best of luck to you 🍻🍀

Ah! Dude You're so right :D I was just telling a really talented friend of mine who's a FPV mini quad freestyle pilot to get on here! Thanks for the shout my friend!

American Idol is Dead..The Voice is the New Thing now days.
Idk Its all the Same to me but the First 3 American idol Seasons were the Best. Then it Kinda Got Full of itself and idk it got old..
After Season 4 it just Felt Super Repetitive and you can see the Judges Bias and Network People Sticking their Hands in it.

Awesome dude, I was still fun and interesting right?

You get my upvote :)

Woo bebayyy! Thanks you :D

Its not everday someone gets to be on american idol :)

Definitely grateful for the experience :D I'm really excited for the future though, I have so much new material to release! I'm about to check you out musicblog!

Have to be honest never watched American Idol. Congrats on being on Steemit.

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The Loving Touch in Ferndale? That's just two blocks away from my apartment. Didn't think I'd run into someone from the neighborhood on here!

Sup Neighbor :P

Wow that's awesome, i knew someone who was on the british one and she came 2nd :)Now following and watching the video cheers.

It's funny how those shows pump out so much talent, sooo many people sing! IT's hard to stand out

Yeah I have to agree :) I just play a little guitar and sing for myself and some piano.

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good to have you here - i am new here too and also a songwriter finding my way around the steemit forums - i followed you

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