The Ragtime Dance - Scott Joplin (1906)

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Dear music lovers,

I love music and always look for styles that I'm not familiar with.
Today I want to suggest this beautiful song. This is a classical rag and it's a stoptime rag.
This is a type of rag which focuses heavily on syncopation.
I would like to play this piece on the guitar as well as The Entertainer. I will have to listen to it again and again so I will become familiar with the tune and at the same time I have to practise how to play it on guitar.

Please visit the following links to find out more about this musical style, and Scott Joplin, the King of Ragtime,

I also found the guitar sheet music for three guitars,

I found this lovely video if you like to watch the guitar version: The Ragtime Dance / Scott Joplin / Ragtime-Guitar

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I didn't recognize the music on the guitar but it was still enteertaining.

Thank you for passing by! Yes, it's the same song but played on the guitar.