Musicoin 101: Start Your Music Journey On The Blockchain

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Musicoin 101: Start Your Music Journey On The Blockchain

“Musicoin” refers to a blockchain-powered platform that connects music listeners and fans to free music streaming. Musicoin is also a cryptocurrency that is instantly paid to artists on the Musicoin platform every time one of their musical works are played on the platform.



Open a Muscoin Account 1.gif

1- Go to
2- You can register automatically using your Twitter, Facebook or Google account Or you can fill your information manually
3- Click on 'Get A Code'

Get Your Musicoin Confirmation Code.gif

4- Go to your Email and get Your Musicoin Confirmation Code
5- Copy your Confirmation Code
6- Go back to the Musicoin page and Paste the Confirmation Code
7- Click 'I'm not A robot' and Verify

Fill Your Information.gif

8- Once Musicoin page opens, go to the Top Right Corner and click on 'My Profile
9- Upload your Public Profile picture
10- Fill up your information
11- Add your Social Media Pages as requested
(Kindly note this is a VERY IMPORTANT STEP as Musicoin needs this information to verify you are who you mentioned and that you're a real artist).


Upload Song.gif

1- On the 'Top Right Corner' Click on the Upload Icon
2- Read and Accept the Terms and Conditions
3- Click 'I agree to these terms of use'
4- Click 'Next'

Upload Song 2.gif

5- Account Verification : make sure all your Social media networks are Linked before releasing a track
6- Click 'Next'
7- Click on Upload File
8- Select the Track you want to Upload from your computer
9- Wait for Upload to Finish
10- Click on 'I confirm that I am the exclusive rights holder for this piece of work and/or have obtained the rights necessary to release this work'
11- Click 'Next'

Et voila! Congratulations on your first track release on the Blockchain! After a few minutes you will get a Confirmation from Musicoin that your track is released and it will be listed under your Profile.

Note that the verification process is done manually by Musicoin team, make sure to add all your social media links so you get your account verified quicker, if you having any issues you can reach me on Discord user# djlethalskillz#7371


Join Musicoin Community

You can join the official Musicoin Forum and community called "Let's Rock" also you can join the active discussion on Musicoin Subreddit on

Thank you for taking the time to read so far hoping this guide was useful, stay on the lookout for more guides from my series of 'Musicians on the Blockchain' if you have any suggestions for topics that you would like me to cover next please do let me know in the comment section below. Kudos!

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Fantastic! Thank you very much for this much needed information. I'll get right to it :)

Great altcoin and idea. I already uploaded some stuff there. If their plans on Universal Basic Income work it could be huge.

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Good post, really nice step-by step guide on how to get started on musicoin for people who are not yet familiar with it.

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Awesome post, very clear and concise! Thank you for spreading the word far and wide! 2018 is the year of the Musicoin! #ToTheMoon

great post ... upvoting all day