Album Review #116: Bloody Kisses (Type-O Negative)

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  1. Machine Screw
  2. Christian Woman
  3. Black No. 1 (Little Miss Scare-All)
  4. Fay Wray Come Out And Play
  5. Kill All The White People
  6. Summer Breeze
  7. Set Me On Fire
  8. Dark Side Of The Womb
  9. We Hate Everyone
  10. Bloody Kisses (A Death In The Family)
  11. 3.0.I.F.
  12. Too Late: Frozen
  13. Blood & Fire
  14. Can't Lose You

Are you really into vampires? Do you think you ARE a vampire? Then this is the album for you. The third album from Type O Negative (also known as The Drab Four) is one dark, gothic album...but it's also pretty damn funny. Peter Steel sings like he's's downright creepy. The album is loaded with lyrical gems like "Little wolf skin boots/And clove cigarettes/An erotic funeral/For witch she's dressed...Loving you is like loving the dead" from "Black No.1". They take on the once sweet and innocent Seals & Crofts hit "Summer Breeze" and turn it into a song of doomsday. These guys may be dark, but they're also entertaining.

The problem is, not every song is exceptional, and the album runs ridiculously long at 74 minutes (a later version toned it down to 9 songs and may be better: a still later version added a bonus disc. Really??). As weird and fun as this can be, it can also get excruciating. Look for the shorter version, pick out the better tunes and put them on your iPod.

This is album #116 in an ongoing series.

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Classic album, I was pretty hooked with "Black No.1" many years ago, nowadays I don't listen to ToN so much but they will always be important for me. Btw, "We hate Everyone" it's just too much fun

R.I.P Peter Steele


Thanks for your thoughts! These guys seemed to have a lot of fun doing this. I agree with the two tracks you mentioned as well.