Model M - Dead to Me (Music Video)

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Happy Wednesday! Today I wanted to share the latest music video that I created for my husband's band, Model M. The song came out last year, but we went into lockdown and consequently I had to keep pushing the filming of this until this year (ugh). Anyway, it got done! Check it out here:

I did just about everything myself to make this video - with the exception of the staff that Terrence and the medicine man waves around, which I outsourced to a friend to create! It was my first time trying to film with black lights which was definitely a learning experience. It was very hard to see what was in focus, so next time I'll be better prepared. But despite some of the focusing issues I think it turned out really fun. And the cat... well, she came with the location and of course she stole the show!!

Here's some behind the scenes stuff too, for fun!







As you might be able to tell, that's me filming on my Zhyun 2 crane - this was also a first time for me, actively using that piece of gear on an actual project. I need some more practice LOL!

Thanks for watching!


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