"Daughter" - A song for my daughter's birthday

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Back in the Steemit days I met so many talented people and tried to collaborate with them all! But such as in real life too, only a handful actually stick it out with you - @davidfar is one of those for me! He remixed one of the songs on my new album, but we've also done a few singles together that we're now just finally starting to release.

Here is one of those songs! Davood sent me this one as an instrumental and I immediately knew what the song was - it was one of those songs where the melody came without effort, and the words were easy to place. It's a birthday song for my daughter, and we released it on her birthday this year!


@DavidFar wrote the music, performed the guitars and did all the mixing/producing - he's such a boss, amirite?!?
I wrote the lyrics and melody, and of course sing :)
My cousin Justine Lee Hirten did the beautiful cover art - she's also insanely talented and you should check out her stuff!

It's available on Spotify and Bandcamp as a free download:

We sincerely hope you enjoy it! And watch out because we have a lot more music coming soon...


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