Bangers for Steemit Week 14 (I'm a dried out corpse edition)

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Yo. What's up, baby boi's. Back again with another week of music recommendations for you god damn troglodytes. This shit is like Willy Wonka's factory, but instead of candy you get wet dreams and some random fuck shouting about music to you. You might have noticed that I haven't really posted this in a few weeks, but you'll have to excuse me because I have and currently still am feeling like a bloated corpse that was left in Bill Cosby's cell for several nights. I'm hoping that I'll have my medical problems handled in the next week or two, but we'll see about that. Anyways, lets just get into the tunes, doods. 

1. Icarus the Owl: Ignore the Check Engine Lights

The first track I'm putting on here is one I found a couple of weeks ago. It's pretty reminiscent of something like Hail The Sun. as I would consider this to be post hardcore/math rock. Both of which usually have me giving full jazz hands while I try to rub one out to smelling Gwyneth Paltrow's new GOOP candles that are scented to smell like her vagina. I'm sure all of you who cosplay ordered one to complete your Iron Man costume. But, yeah. If you're interested in technical, fast paced rock, I would definitely recommend this track for sure. I love the musicianship here, and the vocals are pretty damn decent as well. Especially considering the pacing of the music. 

2. Abiotic: Emerald

This song is definitely one of my favorites that I've found in recent times. It's also quite fucking depressing and will leave you feeling flaccid, unless you're into popping boners from pure misery. There's a bit of story behind this song. Abiotic was apparently on a hiatus for awhile up until this track came out. The band apparently were all friends with a specific guy and his wife, the wife sadly suddenly died and left the husband and their child behind. They decided to get together and write this song and donate 25 percent of the money to a fund for their childs education. The song itself appears to include audio of them talking with the husband and his experience with the ordeal. The lyrics as well seem aimed at talking about dealing with grief and loss of a loved one. The song itself is an absolute fucking banger, but, maybe not the best choice if you're depressed. The music and vocals are top tier. So, I would highly recommend the track, and hope that this band gets back together and makes more music soon.

3. Burning the Masses: Moltres


This song is a bit of a throwback track. This is taking us back to teenage Deadspace's roots of metal. Back when I was getting into progressive metal, metalcore and deathcore, I happened upon this band by chance. These guys are the first technical death metal band that I ever listened to, and I absolutely still dig them. When I was trying to be an edgy boi, this was one of my go to bands. The guitar work is great with pretty much all of their tracks, and helped inspire me a bit at the time when I was still learning to play guitar. There are two versions of this song available, and I would recommend this one personally. It has more raw sounding vocals and instrumental work, which I prefer over the super polished version. If you like tech death stuff, this will probably pop up your nipples a bit. 

4. ChuggaBoom: Mad Skills Brah! 

The final song on my list for this week is one I found a few months ago, but I keep coming back and listening to it at least a couple of times a week. This band is from the United Kingdom, and is a pretty solid metalcore band. This track in particular gives me a bit of a wet spot in my pants, probably because it's essentially the epitome of gamercore. The lyrics and video are centered around lots of references to video games/retro games over the past 25 years. The music itself fucking bops hard. Really good musicianship and pretty good vocals that stand out from most other metal bands. There's a bit of synth keyboard going on here and there, which I personally enjoy, but if you're not a fan of that it might just be because you're a micro dicked turbo virgin it might turn you off a bit. But, definitely a big recommendation from me here. 

Alright, well there's another week done. Honestly, I'll probably miss the next week of doing this on time as I deal with medical shit. But, hopefully I'll get back on a decent schedule where I'm posting at least semi regularly soon. Hopefully you have found a track or two that you enjoy here. This was another metal oriented week for the most part, probably because I've been in a shit mood and this is where I retreat to when I wanna listen to music that expresses how I'm feeling. Anyways, feel free to leave any thoughts about how you'd like to spend $10000 on Belle Delphine's gamer girl pee down below. 

Until next time, later. 


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GOod mix, Chuggaboom is definitely my favorite of the lot and I've never heard of them. I'll be digging into that some more. It's nice to hear that Belle Delphine is continuing her merchandising skills.

Yes, she's quite the entrepreneur for greasy men on twitter.