Wooohooo!! I Made Into The Top 20!! Thank YOU For The Support!! 🙌🎶❤️

in music •  3 months ago  (edited)


As you some of you might know, I submitted my song
"Funky Jazz Monkey" into HOFA Song-Contest!!

This is so flipping OHmazing!!!!!!
Thank you to everyone that voted for me already, I am utterly grateful!

I made it into the Top 20 & at the moment
I am ranking on 7th place, whoop, whoop!! 🙌🎶❤️

Here is the thing,
I would need 4 more votes to hit 6th place & 9 for 5th, is there any chance you ( the wonderful human-beans that haven’t voted yet )
could help me out???

The voting ends on the 26th of August ( in 3 days!! ), the announcement of the winners and awardees is on September 2nd!

You do not have to register, just vote, confirm that you're not a robot, voila, you've made someone (me) super happy <3


It also would be highly appreciated if you could spread the word. <3

Thanks so much for your support in advance!

Super huggins, D-VINE ❤️

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Grats on getting to 7th! :D C'mon y'all, hook a sister up... Vote already!

Thank you, thank you, thank yooouuu!!!!
I am super excited about this, I was giving myself a hard time if I even should enter, are my songs good enough... wohoooo <3 <3 <3

I just saw this now, my votes for you, That was a great track! <3

Yaaay!! Thank you so much David!! <3

let's put you on the first place madame Elli

Hehe, you are awesome Jose!! Muchos gracias <3

Congratulations D! You deserve it!

Let's go, get that first place!

Thank you so much C, you rock!!
I am so grateful for your support <3 <3 <3 <3

Great track - now voted. Good luck!

Thank you so much @pennsif, you are fabulous!! Much love from Germany <3

Cool darling, more than deserved! You have to be the No. 1 soon!

  ·  3 months ago (edited)

Awww, you are so kind!! Heaps of gratitude are coming your way <3

As a matter of fact, all of you wonderfullies have brought me to 6th place now, 3 more to go to hit 5th, weeeehhh!!
The guy occupying it is feeling the heat & got three more votes during the night, hehe, the battle is on, ahaha.

I am being silly, I am already so thankful & crazy happy to have made it this far, didn't expect it, so ... I am a winner already & even more so because of all you supporting me... that feeling can't be measured in any currency. <3 <3 <3

Du bist echt ne Liebe! Immer gerne und hol Dir die No. 1!

congrats hun! we both know i already voted for you...
when will be the dead line of the contest? it has been going on for a little while now...

I know ya did lovely!!

I just checked, again this is what it says on their website ....

What is the schedule of the contest?
Songs have been uploaded until August 5th. From now on the jury will hear and evaluate the songs. Until August 26th the community can vote and comment. With the announcement of the winners and awardees on September 2nd the HOFA song analyses will also be published.

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