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in music •  2 years ago  (edited)

One Republic - Counting Stars Bass Cover as requested by @jaedea

I am taking Request Just let me know if what song you would like to Hear.

Also If you like it Please RESTEEM to share the love.

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"Couldn't Lie, Couldn't Lie Couldn't Lie "
Pure Respect Brother!!
First of all, thanks for considering my request, it means a lot!
I think you have amazing talent and you should put it to work more!
Subscribed to your youtube channel Bass Guitar Guru so that I won't miss any updates from you even if I miss it on Steemit! 🙂

Keep up the good work and I believe that in time you will be flocked with requests and support from the amazing community members.

I really do appreciate it, I had a person message me and say I stole the video. This should be proof enough lol.

I hope to spread my love of music with the community 😍.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I would suggest you make an intro video on your channel with a mention of your steemit account, I think that no one ever would be able to perform bogus claims then! Just provide a watermark or something 🙂
From what I understand is that youtube is raping the small publishers so hard that most of them are leaving the platform and I think you really have to be appreciated for your work.So I would like to make a simple suggestion to upload your works on which I find quite intriguing even though it is in its early stages!

Keep up the good work!

Wow thank you. I’ll be researching tonight

Leave me your ETH address so I can send a token of my appreciation

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

As I mentioned, is a SMT app on Steem Blockchain which I think is gonna be superior to YouTube. In the coming future the Market I believe will fly beyond that trillion dollar mark and when that happens, more people will be looking into crypto which means that a share of that market gain will come to Steem too which will eventually boost Dtube's growth!
Youtube totally sucks now, my friend had a small channel and he made about a 100$ and suddenly they introduced a BS rule which stated that we needed to have at least 4000 watch hours to start monetizing, he is an amazing video editor and he was very depressed when he shared this news with me!
(P.S. YouTube is still very big in comparison with Steem or dtube, so you could try building a reputation in both the platforms as most of the people do ! )
I feel that it is great to be in touch with a person like you and since I believe you are an amazing crypto expert, I would love to take in more lessons from you!

I have never traded in Ethereum but would like to give it a try. I think this would be a good ETH address ( generated from an exchange application "Zebpay", I don't think it will hold ETH tokens though) and most of my wallets have some kind of minimum deposit criteria ( I don't own a hardware wallet yet! ).

ETH : 0x85e85157A247832D4F91e8bAF3801Eb5256c9231

Have a wonderful day my friend!

Thank you for the advice, and I will definitely be looking fo work on both channels.

I’ll be sending the eth in the morning.

sweet moves brother, Now my turn for uptown funk. Go kill it, yo.

Alright my friend you are correct. I’ll do this one next. Getting late so I’ll do it tommorow 😀

Ok fine, tomorrow it is. :)

Damn, that bass looks good on you :-)

Thanks :)

Hi @crypto2crypto
The first thing that got my attention was that HAT!
The second thing was your HAIR!
+Absolutely wonderful cover man! I did check out your other cover "Attention" and personally, I felt that was a little bit better than this one!
Keeping an eye out for your new covers!

Ha that’s hilarious. I appreciate the love and I will be sure to put out more quality work.

after seeing this video i am clear that you are a damn good guitarist..but in this full video i am just seeking your shining hair...Screenshot_2018-03-07-09-24-55-25.png


i enjoy this video a lot....resteem the video to my blog...

Love it! You have a lot of talent

Glad you do, Ill be sure to keep it coming.

Refreshing music... places plan to come on Dlive, will catch you there

Hmm this is a good idea. I’ll get an account set up.

Wow... That's awesome, man. God bless your talent.

Thank you my friend. I’m glad you enjoyed 😀

I really enjoyed. I do not know if it fits or goes with your style, but it would be great if you played "Another one bites the dust"

Ha. This is awesome, I can def do this one.

Do you want just a cover or can i jazz it up?

Both ways if it is not too much to ask. Hahaha
No no. The one that goes more with your style, friend. I know it will be great.
I'll be waiting for it.

This is so good, I love this song and you do it justice! Want to get involved in this competition, honestly you could just put this song and have a good chance of winning!

Wow thank you. I have something Another i would prefer to submit.

Go for it then, and do you mind resteemimg because I want many people to have a chance of winning plus make the prize bigger

the song is good, but the sound of bass guitar is hard to hear!

I appreciate the feedback. I noticed after I was finished​ as well.

fix it for the next one

I'm sure everything will be fine:)

I'll just move the sub to same sit accoss from mike.

I agree, a few experiments and you will find the right point

quick learner

I request Weekapaug Groove, my friend

This one will take a bit. I take a bit longer to catch these.

  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment

They say risk only comes from not knowing what you are doing.

Good voice