CrowbarMama Tries to Enter Steemit Open Mic

in music •  4 months ago

Hey guys! So, on the weekends, the @crowbarkids spend some time playing video games with Daddy, which allows this Mama about an hour of relative quiet. So, will I actually complete a recording without the dogs barking? Without the kids interrupting? Without messing up the chords? Without bursting into tears?!? You'll have to watch to the very end to find out!

Side note, I deleted the first few takes, which included some great footage of me kicking the dogs out and dealing with an overly affectionate cat.

I don't know if this is anyone else's reality, but it certainly is mine. Maybe someday I'll have a dedicated quiet space, like a studio. A girl can dream, right?

I chose @Crowbarmama as a handle because I believe in doing the best you can with what you have on hand. The crowbar is a multi-purpose tool. You’ll notice my photography is a bit rough, my grammar is not the most polished, but as a homeschooling, homesteading mama of 4, if I waited to take my photos until the light was perfect or re-edited my posts a 5th time ( I shoot for 3 drafts), I would never get a post out!

Don’t sweat the small stuff, just Crowbar it!

If you like what you're reading, please upvote and subscribe! Also, I love feedback! Constructive criticism is one of the best ways to grow. I want to know what you think!


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hey I watched till the end! You know you could have just entered anyway.. and said it was the wrong week you said lol. you could edit in the title to say week 102 haha.. I think I've said the wrong week before and they didn't even notice :P


@vincy You know, now that you say that, maybe I will. If I can edit it by tomorrow. 😎nThanks!

Ohh mama that was beautiful!! Hahaha you cracked me up so hard I'm gonna get internal injuries for holding back my laughter coz the babies are sleeping!! Love love love xx


hahaha aww same here I can't laugh out loud! :P


@alimamasstory I'm so glad you enjoyed it! That's pretty much my life everyday!😆

Turned out really nice! Lol - so many takes to try to get it done, huh? But you did a great job! :)


@apanamamama Aw, thanks! I didn't even include them all!! 😆

btw I've always wondered to hold those ukulele's properly.. how do you keep it stuck to you so well? I find it hard sometimes haha.. But maybe cos you actually know your chords very well.. and that helps :)


@vincy For the hold, I try to always wear short sleeves or push my sleeve up to press my inner forearm against the uke, but I also cross my legs so that it can sit on my thigh. It's still a bit awkward and sometimes I prefer the guitar for that reason. And I'm still fuzzy on the uke chords, but I guess I faked it pretty well. 😉

Loved it! This seriously was awesome! Glad you stuck with it. haha I have times when I just can't say what I want to say during my videos, and other times where something didn't turn out how it was supposed to while cooking, so I had to start all over again for the video. LOL Good times.


@mrchef111 Yes. Now imagine doing it with a gaggle of minions around!! 😆😆


LOL love the use of the word gaggle! haha :)

@crowbarmama, this is me with every video I make! I didn’t even want to know how many takes I do each time.
I always find that I have to remind myself that it’s my things that are the distractions, not my family. It’s tough when I want a moment to myself.
You did an amazing job!! Who cares what week it is, right? ❤️


@hebrewhousewife That is exactly right. I have to remind myself of that as well. Especially now with the platform. It's hard balancing it all. I don't know how some of the dolphins do it. I am so grateful to my followers, but I feel like I don't get to support as many as I'd like, or else I wouldn't have time to create content. It's like constantly spinning the plates of creating, commenting, upvoting, Discord... Wash, rinse, repeat!😆

And thank you!!

aww i feel ya!! I had those times too where I wanted to record this awesome song and just kept stuffing up and then being interrupted and then NO MORE TIME! hahaha..
Sometimes I just choose the best one and just go with it.. just post it up anyway hah..
I love how yours turned into a vlog though! I love hearing the process to it all! :D and Yay I get to see all the bloopers love it!! I often wanted to put bloopers on the ends of the steemit open mic ends but thought it wouldn't work and look good for the contest haha..


@vincy Thanks! I figured with all that time invested I had to come out with something! Lol! You should totally add bloopers to yours! And then make sure to letme know so I see it!! 😀

This is such a great Open Mic, so down to earth, real & funny, love your voice <3
Listening to you on "Meadows & Makers" podcast as I am writing this <3
Thank you @jackdub for posting the link in your show!

@crowbarmama, would you give us the honor being a guest on our, @darrenclaxton, @onemdia's & my, show Spotlight On The Artist?

You are one kick ass woman <3
Loads of respect, love & huggins coming your way <3


Aw, @d-Vine thanks so much! I would love that! Send me the details when you can.


Yay, I/we am/are looking forward to having you on <3
I contacted you Discord :)