My Spotify Shuffle #8 - Girl, You Have No Faith In Medicine by The White Stripes

in #musiclast year

Ah, good memories from Skate. This song played in the intro movie (which was brilliant) along with Raining Blood by Slayer. Girl, You Have No Faith In Medicine is the second to last song from The White Stripes' 4th album, Elephant, which released in 2003.

This song has a strong, driving main guitar riff that knocks you off your feet and and the song doesn't let up. Jack's vocals are dynamic and exciting and I just really like the structure of the song. It's a simple chorus verse chorus etc with a guitar solo in the middle but the main riff permeates throughout the whole song, which I really like.

Thanks for reading! What do you think of this song?


Awesome album!!!

Considering it's just a guitar and drums the sound is amazing don't you think?

Not a song I have listened to more than once or twice I don't think. Jack sounds a bit like the lead singer of Electric Six on this one. Seen them twice in Brighton - crazy group!!

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