Lady Gaga Pop Type Beat - Temper

in #musiclast year

This is one of my favourite pop beats that I have produced. 🔥👈 ✅ I really love the industrial pop beat sound to a lot of Lady Gaga's redone style instrumentals. I really pushed the boat out with this particular pop beat.

Most of the pop instrumentals I have made are influenced by pop music producers like that of Redone, Danjahandz, Benny Blanco and Max Martin.

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The tracks have a similar common theme of using heavy synth-based sounds with the entire pop beat-driven my heavily compressed drums with hip hop and EDM influences.

I love making pop beats as pop singers love to mess with the song structure. If you listen to any of the beats produced by the music producer I have mentioned above you will hear common similarities that I incorporate into The Coporatethief Beats.

By playing with the pop instrumental song structure you will hear differences and challenges for the sing created both middle 8's, hook variations and pre/outro choruses.

This gives the listener an uncommon sound and allows the experiment.