And what is Reggaeton?

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Born and raised in Venezuela.

A phrase that contains many things, for some this means living annoying, for others that happiness is a mental state as important to your health as eating balanced each day, there may even be some who think that growing up in a city of fire like Caracas strips you of any basic fear that you have since daily you could have to face it to assume it and overcome it.

Growing up here might not be ideal for any human being who values ​​comfort, I even complain from time to time about the backwardness of the entire country in terms of technology, logistics and politics.

I am not in favor of the government established and I could say that I keep a grudge, but politics bores me because here it is so rotten that for a time I decided to get it out of my thoughts.

But despite all this something that also means living in this country is living surrounded by Latin music and in my generation one of the genres that most stood out was Reggaeton.

And what is Reggaeton ?, they will ask.

And I will tell you, according to Wikipedia is a danceable musical genre with roots in Reggae and Hip Hop, in my opinion quite accurate but a little superficial in what this genre really means for the society in which I live.

Since I have use of reason has been present at parties, public spaces and even in school, so if you are a social misfit as I end up hating it easily, although I currently enjoy it because it works as a sexuality download , the one who has not danced in the dark with someone so intimate that desire is absolute, will not know what I mean.

Their lyrics are quite melancholy which makes it a bit funny when you watch a video on TV or on Youtube ads that force us to see each and every one you put a new video, since you usually see million-dollar productions for songs that talk about throw your girlfriend because I was unfaithful and that's why now you are strongly strongly hilarious in my opinion.

Today I share my first Reggaeton song here, I will not tell you that I'm proud to tell you but if I had a lot of fun doing it, steal melodies from some popular songs but nothing that thousands of reggaeton players have not done before, I hope they enjoy it and laugh a next to me without more to say, enjoy.

Special thanks for @Cesaralejandro and @Enriquesalgadoc


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You're Welcome :)

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