Album Covers Contest #48 Win 2 SBI 👊 No Upvote, No Follow, No Resteem Required!

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Hi music lovers!
Another Wednesday, another Album Covers Contest!
Here comes the 48th round of the contest!
Below, there is a square composed of 4 album covers (sorry for the coffee stains 😈)
Could you say which album covers are?

Prize: 2 SBI shares

0.5 SBI share (Steem Basic Income) for every cover you know

Prize awarded in 5 days (28/01/2019)

Today album covers



but they are welcomed!

✔ Make a comment answering (from left to right and up to down) the name of the artist and the album name.
✔ Every contestant to be the first of answering correctly any of the fourth covers will earn 0.5 SBI.
✔ You can answer as many covers as you want.
✔ If you earn only 0.5 SBI, I'll save it for you, for the next round, because it's impossible to send it to Steem Basic Income account (at least it has to be 1 SBI)
✔ The maximum prize is 2 SBI
✔ Feel free to add any comment about the bands & albums.

I'm not gonna consider contestants that:

✔ don't have an avatar
✔ are not posting own content, only content to enter contests
✔ users under 25 reputation

The purpose of this contest is to promote music community on Steemit. All covers credited to the bands.

Earnings since new rules were applied:

usernametotal earningssent to SBI
@barmbo3,5 SBI3 SBI
@trincowski2 SBI2 SBI
@hockney1 SBI1 SBI
@koskl0.5 SBI0 SBI

Thanks to all who have participated on the contests until today @jpoubaez @evilelvis @iotastories @centenojesus @markoslaw @valuematik @conradt @yura81 @gduran @bipolar @infamousit @bigskycustoms @edward2000 @dee-y @meme.elena @izzynaveda @luiskrupaz @zeeshanlodhi @allbums @veronicasmb @adazone @cvrlo @bozz @vanessazune2 @alexandracruz @conradino23 @juanmolina @gabrielkrupaz @irisalfonzo1 @fjmb86 @annycor @lacoqueta @kurtricatura @apple96 @majes.tytyty @majes.tytyty @gregraubart @niallon11 @grasozauru @barmbo @valente @cannonball6 @smitop @elelobos @cronosclocks @inspiracion @ambrosiacafe @hockney @hercdoukakis @neumannsalva @daniel.fogel @kirstin @dizzyapple @trincowski @koskl @kimmysomelove42

Curators and sponsors for this contest are more than welcome!


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And remember: every Wednesday new "Album Covers Contest" with SBI/STEEM prizes

Let's rock! with @calisay

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  1. Rival Sons - Feral Roots
  2. Sly & The Family Stone - There's A Riot Goin' On
  3. Kid Rock - First Kiss
  4. Going to have to Google it for a while...

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