My New Album 'Surrender' is Dropping Everywhere on 8/24/18!

in music •  6 months ago


After much work writing, recording, producing, mixing and mastering over the last couple years, my next album is finally ready. Stay tuned as I'll be releasing tracks before the official release date here on Steemit!

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Looking forward to listen to your music.

Are you gonna used dsound or something similar mate?


Thanks man, and yeah it'll be available everywhere! Spotify, Apple Music, Dsound, Musicoin ..literally everywhere I can find!

Fly cover artwork. Why the title "Surrender"?


Thanks! The title is about surrendering to our hearts and our truth!

Good work bro, keep it up

I got a promo message from you about your album. I am putting together Steemit Artists Music Compilation Volume 5 and would love to get another track from you this round. One off the album would be great, might be nice little extra promoting tool or something like a bonus track, anything really. grab a look at this latest post.


Awesome, I'm in!

Come on my show and talk about it XD

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