Screwing around on the Fortepiano...

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Yesterday (well, Friday... not sure when I'm scheduling this post...), as I was doing the quick little recordings for my post about the BWV32 I noticed that my wife had left the fortepiano open... I used to play piano, but I'm a great deal out of practice now... and more than a little bit rusty... but I can't resist an open keyboard... just to sit down and to try and whack out something!

So, I have this pretty horrific rendition of a half remembered Mozart sonata that I had learnt when I was much smaller... Hope you enjoy it! It is only less than a quarter of the whole thing, I would need to practice to remember how to press the buttons in the right order!

I am going to try and practice and see if I can publish some piano stuff in the coming months!

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ǝɹǝɥ sɐʍ ɹoʇɐɹnƆ pɐW ǝɥ┴

howdy sir bengy! holycow that was pretty complex for being horrendously out of practice! wow. Can't wait to hear what it sounds like after you get all practiced up! Hey bytheway sir bengy, congratulations on being in the top ten again on the League contest! With all you got going on that's quite an accomplishment!


Thanks, the playing is rusty... it's the sort of thing you notice when you are the one playing! I will have to practice a bit to get the rest up to scratch!


howdy sir bengy I get it. Hey have you heard Darth Vader playing the violin? He's in Victoria, Canada.
if you haven't seen him here is a short clip. I was just wondering if he was any good and wanted your professional opinon:


LOL! That's quite funny! Well, not terrible... but not amazing either! Cheap violin tricks!


oh I see..ha! cheap violin tricks. Maybe he uses(I assume it's a male) tricks because it's difficult to play with all the traffic noise and distractions of people walking around and such. thanks for your professional opinion though, now I'm not impressed with him. lol. but he or she does have nerve!


We all use these tricks! They sound and look impressive, but are actually not very hard. Conversely, there are things that sound simple but are fiendishly difficult!

It happens in all fields, so that is why an expert opinion is worth more than a layperson!


exactly...about the opinion. thank you sir bengy for the information!

Oh I did enjoy that, not bad at all! I've not played the piano for years, my beautiful old piano is badly in need of restoration, with some of the notes dead! I've often thought of one day buying a Japanese piano but what to do with my old one, do not have space for two. I've had it from the age of 12, and it was old then already, so it's sentimental value is huge.
Thanks for sharing.


Thank you!

Oh, I know about the problems of sentimental value... I have two violins that I really should just sell and get rid of, as I don't use them... However, they were partners for such a long time...

That’s very good - it always seems impossibly complex to learn to play the piano - so I am always in awe of anyone that can!

#thealliance #witness

this is so beautiful!
IDK how do you even call it horrible!

its been playing on repeat for a long time can ask @priyanarc


Now i know ... i was wondering from where you get that music!!


Ha ha... Sorry!


It is also a reminder of start used to be much easier for me... So I get a bit annoyed by that.. But I will work at it, to regain some facility again. But thanks, glad you liked it!

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Not too shabby. I think you'll be able to get those skills back quickly


With a bit of practice it will come... But I'm not sure if I have the time and will to learn completely new pieces though... Only stuff that my hands have a faint memory of.

and I love the piece. You know what, you're giving me reason to love Mozart these days..........


Thank you, I will hopefully be able to finish the sonata sometime. I just need to find time to practice!

I think the playing is less the problem than the forte piano - they always sound out of tune. Harpsichords do as well. It's a good argument for technological evolution.


Ha ha... Thanks, but I'm not blaming the tools...

I'm not sure if you already know, but harpsichords and forte pianos are generally tuned to different A pitches (ours are 415, 430 and 410Hz). In addition, they use different solutions to the closing of the octave problem, which means some keys are very well in tune, whilst others are very out of tune. This is in contrast to the equal semitone modern solution, which means everything is equally out of tune (or equally in tune...)!

That sounded pretty good for messing around.


I'm going to try and find the time to do the rest... But thanks for the compliment!

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