Reporting card №2 December-January - Gonna Fly Now - Bill Conti - Movie Rocky II

in music •  3 months ago

This is my entry for #music.

In the second part of our report, let me present a composition from the Rocky II movie Gonna Fly Now - Bill Conti .

A month passed, new melodies were learned, each of which introduced new guitar playing techniques. Each subsequent melody, as it were, lay down like a puzzle to a previous melody. This was a wonderful experience for my son and a motivation for me and our whole family. This record is made, but, every day, the son brings something new to each composition.

This report is a good chronology. Such chronologies are our YouTube channels. I met people who asked a question, the essence of which was time, during which you can learn to play the guitar. The answer to this question is the dates under the video, from the first days, as my son first took the guitar in his hands.

Author @barski

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