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A review of XLN Audio's Addictive Keys plugin, via Pastel Sonic, my new music production page on Instagram. If you need a beat, a mix, or help with songwriting or arrangement please leave a comment or hit me up on Instagram! I look forward to working with you.

XLN Audio may be better known for their stunningly realistic Addictive Drums plugin, but their piano offering is no joke either. Featuring grand, upright, and electric settings modeled after the Steinway Model D, Yamaha U3 and Fender Rhodes Mk I, respectively, as well as a mixer section, microphone and amp emulations, channel effects worthy of their own stand-alone plugins and a comprehensive MIDI editing screen, almost any piano sound imaginable can be achieved within the plugin’s settings. However, it also comes with tons of great presets, for those more interested in just playing. Addictive Keys also features the ability to record “memos” right from within the plugin.

If you're interested in my work and want to work with me, please follow me on Instagram and send a DM! I'm excited to work with fellow Steemians. I've also posted a demo of one of my beats below, as an example of my work. This one is Pastel Beat 005.

Pastel Beat 005
Or click here to listen on @DSound.

Thanks so much for stopping by and checking out my post. If you enjoyed it, please do leave a comment, follow me for more, and don't forget to upvote and resteem. 😊 Steem on, everybody!

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