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Can you please tell me what is the meaning of Zakon in english?


Literally "the law" but we use it for "awesome"

That's an amazing sound of music. Love to listen it.


Good video @asmolokalo

Sometimes I do think that life is just too short

My heart almost sank when i saw "RIP"
this really touched my heart

Your posts always amaze me.
Nice Music.

Upvote & resteem

That amazing Song! Thank you for sharing :)

Sounds so close to my native language <3

Nice song man

Amazing,, i like music

Great Music Man! :D

very nice song! thanks for sharing


its not only 1 song, or let it be one...;)


The above given link contains full album of music. I think it's amazing.

awesome music sound song.

Wow ... Very good music sweet sound ,love it

Slorap scena! kapa dol :)