Artzone Music Curation - Happy Holidays!! 👌

in music •  4 months ago

Happy Holiday Artzonians!!!
We're right in the middle of the festive season, Grandma got that cookies in the oven with a bottle of bubbly, let's get this thaang started!!!

Spenza - holidayMash

I was glitch-hoping all the way , I hear some Aphex Twin type of sampling in there! Just wonderful work!!!

Theatre Of Delays - Dust

Sometimes I want to be the delay in the Theatre , bouncing off space and time...Of course we love these subtle noises...

Steemit Open Mic Week 116 - My 1-Bedroom (Theo Katzman) - Cover Song.

I am not familiar with the work of Theo Katzman but I know Wulfpek, really cool song, and I love @pechichcemena's playing and voice, as usual on par.

Grizzle vs Juxta - Adore Me [#90]

A collab between Grizzle and Juxta how fantastic is that? I really loved the atmosphere, dark and ominous...

Satellites - Entry for Blockchain Music Challenge :D

I don't know why but it reminds me of Bowie a LOT!!! Really interesting theme as well, we've all been in this situation with a stranger.

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it is super idea