Artzone Music Curation - Daily Winners - 3rd Sept 2018

in music •  2 months ago

I was looking forward to write for @artzone today, after listening to all the amazing tracks we got during the Weekend, I couldn't wait sharing them with you. Today's a lot of great tracks that deserve a spotlight!!!
Thanks to the music community for besting yourselves with quality!!!
Special thanks to @dsound for having a fantastic platform, and thanks to @artzone powered by @surfyogi


Sam Prock - Spirals

It's amazing how you can explore a theme in so many different ways, this piece reminds me of Danny Elfman's work, the composer for Tim Burton!

Hypersensitive - The Turtle Project

This is quite rare for an artist to have so much personality, such a distinct sound and style, the word chosen are Turtulesque if I may say, the bass,piano and drums just gel so well together, the voice is just crystal clear and beautiful.

Blaster - Newenx

Oh yeaaaaaah! Newen, the build up is fantastic in case you were wondering!!!! I am happy to hear that Steemit changed your life, cause it did for a lot of us too!

Yippie Aye Ay - Deon

Deon again is full of surprise, this time with some great harmonica playing!!! Great versatility!
The lyrics are so much fun too ! Yippie Aye Ay!

Thanks again for surprising us with more talents every day, see you on Wednesday!!!

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Congrats to all Winners!...:)...

Beautiful art and i love music.
I appreciate your valuable content. thank you so much for sharing this artzone.

Just discovered your nice profile :) GZ to all winners!