I've Got The World On A String (World of Fake Bling).

in music •  6 months ago


Hi Steemit Jazz and Blues lovers! 

I'd like to thank Adam Kokesh and the tribe for the curation! I'm more for you guys then against even if we part ways on metaphysical issues. I do appreciate the support:) 

I'm about to head into the busiest part of my house painting season and I won't be able to learn new songs as it takes up too much time and energy. That's okay though and I have a plan. I'm going to go back where I started in October and redo the songs in order and see if I can up my game. Integrate chord melody with walking bass while trying to add more soloing within the chord melody. I'll post the before and after of each take. It looks like Ladybird, by Tadd Dameron, is where I began...

The songs with keys with more than 3-flats and sharps will have to wait until next winter. 

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Awesome music as always my friend!