New Dharma Fire Sitar Song - Border Nights Blues [Original Work]

in #music4 years ago (edited)

Dharma Fire - new track

I'm very proud to announce a new song by Dharma Fire, my musical project. This time I tried to play a blues using the sitar, which is not quite usual (that's why sometimes it sounds like a guitar!).

I uploaded the song on our bandcamp page and you can listen to it free here.

me playing sitar, from the dharma fire page on bandcamp

Unfortunately I wasn't able to also post it on dsound because I always get the same error :-(


If you check Dharma Fire BandCamp Page you will see a link to my Steemit blog @andrew0

Please leave your feedback and follow me @andrew0


Hey @andrew0. Fabulous. I love the music that you do!

Thank you so much my friend, also check this new track (with guitar, not sitar) here;

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