Kollegah feat. Sahin - Du (OMV)

in music •  3 months ago

Haha, I aint really a fan of such songs cause he always acts/pretends being like the coolest/toughest guy ever n then he's whining around haha. Way too funny imo n I just cant take this seriously. Seems too much of a 'businessmove' (just for the girls).
Kollegah once even said in an interview that he approves/backs every of his songs except this one "You" - probably that's the reason y I cant take it seriously anymore lol. But probably this song's real n he actually got his heart broken by a girl - he's just too cool to admit, I think. That would be pretty hilarious tho. :P
It's bout his ex love, fucked up shit, consequences etc.
Not the best vid but it reflects the emotions going on in the song pretty well.
Anywayss, I still like this song, kinda.

Enjoy deep song fans yD


Cheers (;

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