7 Day-music-challenge-your-top-albums-4-In The Death Car (Arizona Dream)-by-Iggy Pop

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Day 4 for @tkappa's album challenge . I was nominated by @giosou!

Album: Arizona Dream.

In The Death Car

TV Screen

Source Youtube

• You need to pick your 7 all time favourite albums. Post one every day for seven days in a row.

• One song (AT LEAST) from each album has to be in your playlist currently. Oh yeah, you also have to share this song with us through YouTube.

• The Cover of the Album has to be the main theme of your post each day.

• No need to explain why the specific album is a favourite of yours, but if you feel like it, PLEASE do!

• Use #albumchallenge as a tag.

• Last but not least, nominate a different steemian each day!

Today i nominate @mr-phoenix

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