The Beatles- "All My Loving" cover

in music •  2 years ago 

I hope you like both cover and sweet location in Gdynia Orłowo :)

Imagine just starting to fall in love after some bad, let's say, stories that happened not so long ago. It's something fresh and new, you both feel the same, what can go wrong? Oh, I'll tell you- the wrong thing is the time that is so fast when you're sitting together on the beach in the evening, enjoying summer that's almost there, not caring about some exams that you should be learning for right now. And the time that is so slow when you're over 1000km away from each other for 3 months.

here's youtube link:

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so apparently we're hippies now? haha :D

both looking nice

Nice cover! and beautiful voice :)

He seems like a pretty good guy
is it correct? I dunno ;)

He is a really, really good guy, you don't even realise how right you are :)