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In this busy world everybody want some piece some music or entertainment. There are many persons that love to listen music including me. Music make mind free . Without music life is so boring so the biggest news is coming for all music lovers that first music streaming service lauch on blockchain that is "MOOZICORE"
Yeah its true MOOZICORE is lauch on blockchian. As blockchain is our future and every big industry is started to shift their platforms on blockchain . There is no doubt that all entertainment industry soon will converted into blockchain so the beginning is strated with MOOZICORE
MOOOZICORE free beta app is already launch and is available on playstore for android and ios devices you can easily download . Currently moozicore is running their IEO on sistemkoin, latoken,exmarkets,coinbene and will soon going to an end as their last date is 31st july 2019
There is an easy way to judge blockchain platform authenticity. There are some sites that can provide you genuine score level . According to that platforms this platform is best for use . Aunthenticity plaforms are given below track ico gives moozicore 5/5 .ICO holder gives moozicore 4.20/5.ICo bech most trusted platform rank moozicore 4.8/5.icomarks ranks 8.6/10. tokendesk 7.8/10. These ranks shows that moozicore is most trusted and big blockchain platform
With the help of Moozicore you can control music in venues. You can play best songs which you want to play.Shared songs on different social media platforms with photos and tag your best buddy.Moreover Moozicore also provide you facility to vote on upcoming music to influence when its played
Moozicore provides you an ERC20 utility token Moozigold. THERE allocation of token is, publicsale and IEO is allocated with 50%,Marketing campaign 20%,user growth 5%,Team 14% converted mzi 11%
You can provide services on different venues with the help of Moozicore . Its very simple in just two steps you can entertain any venue like party, marriage or something else .just follow the simple steps. You just need pc/Mac with web browser and internet connection.Now just connect the pc or mac with your local audio system thats it Now you can enjoy the music .Moozicore subscription covers all applicable licensing fees
The absense of music feel bored as there are some places which are incomplete without music. First one is shop. Shop of anykind like garments,stationery,groceryitems need slow background music which attract customers and make their mind to come back and buy more from your shop. The other platform is gym . Gym is for motivational purpose play music of motivations on GYM make your customer minds to make their body muscular as without music gym is not a motivational place. Another important place is restaurant when people want some piece and want to live healthy life they just go to restaurants with their family so entertainment is also necessary at restaurant so entertainment is also necessary at restaurant
In the end I just want to said that Music is compulsory for two purposes. First one is to make your mind free as taking stress can harm your body and involve you in some disease. Another important reason of playing music is for business purpose . There is compulsory to play music on your business place as people will come back you if they enjoy the place so its obviously good for your business. As i love music so this platform is best for me and hopefully all music lovers also love this platform and take benefit from this facility
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