ADSactly Music Initiative #02

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ADSactly Music Initiative #02


We got together and decided we wanted to do something in the music space, as there are so many budding, talented musicians on the Steemit platform. We noticed that, although there were a lot of people posting, it felt like some of the contributors could use a little helping hand. I mean, who wouldn't want a little helping hand, right?
So where could WE add value? We could use our own in-house production people to help develop music for fellow Steemians looking for that little extra audio assistance.

We'll be running an initiative whereby Steemians can post their links below, and if the criteria are met (please read the criteria), we'll dig in with them and help mix their track, or add some instruments that they feel are missing from their song, or some little production techniques. If there isn't actually a post that our producer can work with, we might even just decide to give one of the entrants a bit of upvote love.

As time goes by and we put together enough collaborated content, we will then upload this content to digital stores (iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, etc.) and release a compilation album.
The other avenue where we would like to add value is to sync the music to commercials to try and develop some additional passive income for the artists.
Where will this go?
....Only time will tell!

Now that we've actually done one round of this initiative, I think it can give you guys and gals a better idea of what we're trying to achieve here.

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How does it work?

  • Comment below with your Steemit post, DSound link or Soundcloud link (or another platform that you would prefer to use). Must be within 7 days of this post.
  • Upvote this post
  • Join the ADSactly Discord Community
  • Please try make sure you have independent audio files that we could actually work with in production
  • @ADSactly picks a winner (Please check back in the comments for this)
  • The winner receives a consultation over discord to discuss the direction moving forward on the track.
  • Our in-house producer does the work, sends it back to the winner, and they upload it to DSound with a guaranteed upvote from @ADSactly
  • We'll report back with the results in the following post so you, our followers, can keep track.

Disclaimer: Sometimes it might the case that out of all the entries, there isn't a post that can be worked with effectively; whether its due to a winner not getting back to us, or there being insufficient or inferior audio separates to work with. In this case we'll pick a song or track to show some love to.

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About the Producer

Our guy behind the wheel is @heypapalegend, a music producer with a PDM in jazz studies and a BMusHons with distinction. He has performed in a variety of music acts in genres such as punk rock, reggae, dancehall, hip hop, electro, pop, jazz, and more. @heypapalegend is co-owner of internationally award-winning HeyPapaLegend Studios ( which have facilities in Cape Town and Johannesburg and has been in operation for roughly 10 years. Trust us, you're in good hands.

Check out our company website here

As well as some of the work we have done here

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Our Previous Winner

Congrats to @Eubanksito on being selected. We chose this song because we felt that this was a track where we could lean in and add some decent value. The beat was cool, with an authentic, laid-back hip hop flavour, while the vocals he delivered were really catchy and contained some great bars.

Eubanksito original 01.jpg

So what did I do? Well, there were a few limitations as we had a Pro Tools session which contained vocal separates and a stereo file of the backtrack. I used some gentle multi band compression to control some of the more harsh mid-range frequencies that were popping out in the track, particularly from the vocal sample. I also added some delay and reverb to the tail end of the vocal sample in order to blend it in with the rest of the track, as well as some additional cuts in order to allow certain vocal lines to pop through in the silence.

With the lead vocal, I compressed it...hard. Like, really hard. For me, this gave the performance a more "expensive" sound and thickened it, as I felt the sonic quality from the microphone lacked some body. Unfortunately, when you compress a voice very hard you end up with extremely hard plosives (p, k, t, d, g, b) and sibilances. In order to compensate I manually bring out my editing chops, zone in on each sound and gain the clip down by 11dB to 15dB. Because this is happening before the compressor, it needs to be a large dB cut. This gives the vocal some of its more natural feel back.

Now that the vocals were thicker, I had to deal with the brittle top end. I just did a gentle shelf cut on the top end until it sat where I like it.

I also added some reverbs, particularly a fantastic "true stereo" convolution reverb by Quantum Leap, called Spaces, as well as some spring reverb. Spring reverb is one of my favourite effects to use in a mix as it adds so much colour. I use it more as an effect than as a "space", and in this instance, also added a spring reverb to the delay bus in order to have more control of how three dimensional I can make the vocal mix. I play with send automation quite a lot when mixing vocals. I'll dry out certain passages where there are a lot of syllables in order to reduce smearing between the pitches, and then letting the reverb bloom up at the ends of longer notes.

On the backing vocal group, I didn't use a lot of compression as I wanted this group to feel a bit more natural. I always compress my backing vocals as a group. I also added Waves' ReelADT as a doubler, which in my opinion is an incredibly natural sounding doubler. This added a few more voices and increased the overall stereo feel of the chorus hook.

Eubanksito new 01.jpg

Special props must go to the other folks who submitted posts for this project. @djlethalskillz for some incredibly polished production, @heaterville for that lush vibe that you hear supporting @eubanksito, and everyone else who was kind enough to get involved.

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Now what are you waiting for? Go and get that music post and link them in the comments...Don't forget to check up in the "How It Works" section to make sure you submit within the parameters. Lets have some fun with music!

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The ADSactly Music Iniciative is by led by Ross Dabone

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not
necessarily reflect the official policy or position of ADSactly

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Vote @adsactly-witness for Steem witness!

Witness proposal is here:

Witness Proposal
Go To Steem Witness Page

In the bottom of the page type: adsactly-witness and press vote.


Thank You

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wow this is really a nice innovative and a great initiatives - i have been a steemit musician the very first day of my existence on steem and I'm very focused on doing crypto currency music most times and also relating to many steemit musical artiste and networking with them -
i also met @Seveaux through music on steemit and alot of great musical minds 😉
@adsactly this is really a great stuffs and thanks guys for initiating this process- and also @djlethalskillz has be helpful all. this while.

If you can kindly take a look at a song i. made for a crypto project would be Lovely really thanks - Listen and also share your thoughts on my kind of crypto musical genre 😎

Links here


good to see this support i wouldn't have expected else of @djlethalskillz he knows his stuff and has seen you're talented! big up!


Shoutout to my Steemit fam @seveaux @marshalllife


no coïncidence we both see some potential here right? trained ears you can say ;)


the initiative is really good, i appreciate everything the adsactly team are doing....


Thanks for the link man!

Hi adsactly Sir.. how are you?..
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You have decided that you will create a Video Production. It can be drama, movie, music or anything else. For that you have to contract with a production house or you can produce it yourself if you have a production house. But the way you do not think you want to build, for that you have to start and finish a plan. And this plan will be sorted in three steps separately and every step will be completed every step. These three steps are being made in Media Production
3.Post Production
If you can finish this every step successfully, the work will be very enjoyable and your confidence will increase. One should remember that these stages will vary according to production. For example, the range will be bigger than the movie, but dramatically it will be different, and in other production, the plan is quite different. But there is no difference in the place of thought. And if you have thoughts and knowledge, you can create any project you like...

We noticed that, although there were a lot of people posting, it felt like some of the contributors could use a little helping hand.

That’s exactly the main reason why I know @adsactly is so unique and adds sooo much value to steemit platform. You already support poet writers, travelers, wine tasters 😆, artists, humorists... I can’t definately consider myself as a musician. The only instrument I’ve ever played is on someone’s nerves, which I’m glad not being that good at either lol. But I can consider myself as a great listener and even greater appreciator when it comes to someone with talent including music 🎶.
With that said 😊
Lets have some fun with music!


Boom! Thanks!

this looks very interesting... here is my post

and here is the soundcloudlink:

That's a great music to provide in this platform I am happy now @asactly cause your every post I like and follow always so I appreciate your post dear..

Music is my favorite passion and activities so thanks a lot for sharing this music..
Oftenly I singing song in my home room..
So go buddy go @asactly..
I will support always.

Upvote and resteemit done..and I will wait for your next post...


Thanks so much for the support! :)

Wow amazing music to share this platform I am really astonishing from this music my dear friend actually your all post just a mind blowing and to create extra ordinary..
So carry on your activities and always I support your all post..
I love this asaclty community and I wish this community improve recently and going on properly day by day..

Upvoted @asactly..
I will wait for your next post .
I am sure that next post be better than provius post..
Just it..

Great idea sir @adsactly
Now you will give shine the new stars for their best performance.
This is appreciable efforts.

Nice thoughts and new platform to grow the steemit account holders their talent and skills through social platforms or songs the most topic shows the relaxation to our heart n peace mind .anyway nice to hear this like wise on daily basis new project gain new comers and create opportunities...

much information you give in this post thanx for sharing

adsactly, Tan Sen is the person when he start music , animal came to near to listen his music?
Anybody know about Tansen?

@adsactly what an amazing music my friend

what in case somebody prefers not to use ''d''sound but just something that works and can do embed links?


That's totally fine man. You can post any link here. Whatever track gets selected will then need to be posted on Sound though as it will receive an upvote from @adsactly

i like music.

no other word for you @adsactly, keep the spirit and success always, I always support you, i like music.

excellent friend. it's very good

Kudos and much respect @adsactly for this awesome initiative and support to the music community in our Steemit community, extended thank u for the shoutout and feedback on my musical works! Looking forward to see how all will come to shape! Salute

What a spectacular initiative really, yes, I am a violinist and played in my country in different orchestras and here in Steemit I started to play with tracks and I loved doing cover of different genres and I was fascinated by the experience, and this initiative would be a leap for me to have own themes or make cover of better quality would be excellent indeed thanking you for supporting the talent that exists within this platform.

Here I leave a topic that I like very much and I did it on video and I have the audio but do not publish it here I leave my input and I really hope you like it

Extreme - More Than Words.jpg!/v/kkarenmp/pcdvpr7d

I am happy to have chosen you as a witness, I will also campaign to your friends to choose you @adsactly

The work you did on his song is superb, I kinda dig the track!

Here's one of my tracks, I hope you guys like it!


Awesome! I would love to get involved.
I write my own tunes and have only been recording for 6 months.
The writing of the music and playing it is easy!!
It's the recording I have trouble with.
But here is an example of my skills :D
It's instrumental.