Building a simple pair of tweeter boxes for my PA system, part 1

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Hello, steemians! Welcome to my page, eh!

I've been putting together a sound system for my music room using what I have left of my live performance PA system. I have 2 home made cabinets that have a 12 inch PA speaker in them. They used to have a small high frequency horn in the cabinet as well, but when I rebuilt the cabinets a couple of years ago, I pulled the horns out and covered the holes that the horns had been mounted in. When I decided to set up the system in my music room, I realized that I was going to need high frequency drivers of some kind. I didn't want to put the horns back into the cabinets, they aren't really appropriate for a small space like a bedroom size room. I have a variety of horns and tweeters that I've acquired over the years, and I decided to use one of the tweeter pairs that I have for the system.
This is some of the horns and tweeters that I still have.


One of the pairs of tweeters are old Pioneer tweeters that were designed for PA use as well as home stereo use. As far as I can tell, these tweeters are no longer made, but I was able to find enough information about them on the internet to know what frequencies they are designed for, and what kind of crossovers to build for them.
Another problem that I had with them is that I didn't have any boxes to mount them in. I decided to make a pair of simple open boxes to mount the tweeters into so that I could test them and see how the work with the speakers for full range sound. I didn't want to put too much effort into the boxes, they're just temporary until I decide if they're going to work for the purpose. If they work the way I would like, I'll build better boxes for them when summer comes and I can use the table saw. For the simple boxes, I scrounged up some 3/8ths inch plywood and a board that I had in the basement. After cutting the pieces and screwing them together, I had a pair of basic open boxes. I used a hole saw to make the hole for the tweeter to mount through.


Since I can never let anything be simple, I decided to take the router to the edges of the boxes and round them off. They look better that way.

Then I figured that I might as well paint them so they look a bit better. The first thing I did was a coat of primer paint.

Then I had to decide what color to paint them. Most of the PA equipment that you will see comes in one color, black. I decided to do something a bit different this time. I had most of a pint of red paint from a previous project, so I decided to paint them red. This was after the first coat of paint.

After letting them dry for a couple of days, I decided that I wanted to paint the inside of the boxes black. It seemed like a good idea at the time...


Now I have to mount the tweeters into the boxes, and then mount the crossover parts and the speaker jack on the boxes so that I can plug them in to the amplifier. That will be the subject of part 2 of this series.

That's all I have for this post, I hope you found it interesting!

I have started a Patreon page. If you would like to check it out, just follow this link.

Thanks for stopping by my page to check out my post, eh!

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Good technical approach!

You’re good in sound engineering, those Twitters are awesome and will last for a taste of time!

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Thank you!
I'm hoping that they last a good while.

i like the fire engine red; very snazzy!


Yeah, I decided that I had enough black equipment in the music room, I wanted some brighter colors. I think they will look pretty good sitting on top of the black speaker boxes.