30 Day Music Challenge: Day 15: Bauhaus: Ziggy Stardust

Day 15 Song covered by a different artist

Bauhuas: Ziggy Stardust

There are so many good cover versions I like, it was hard to choose. Type O Negative did a few good ones. Apocalyptica does almost nothing but. I've got some great conceptual cover albums, such as 'Stairways to Heaven', in which the Led Zep classic is performed in the style of many different genres of music, Industrial covers of New Wave classics, and a string tribute to Tool. I could have picked any of those. But I have to admit I really love this cover of Ziggy Stardust. Somehow for me it just works, even if it isn't my favourite Bauhaus track ever...

30 Day Music Challenge.jpg

This challenge is a bit of fun, and not a contest. The idea is we find out about each others musical tastes, maybe learn some new tunes, and a little more about each other. To take part, start at Day 1 and post each day with a new tune, along with the meme image. Include the tags #music-challenge and #music and whatever other tags you feel appropriate to your post.

Optionally tag the person you copied (or who challenged you) and another person you'd like to see take up the challenge... ;)

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Nice cover choice! Yeah, it's hard to narrow down your favorite cover tune since there's so many.