"We must decide to wake up" - My Amanita Paintings #12

in mushrooms •  last month 

SCN_0001 (2).jpg

I am happy to share my newest Amanita Muscaria painting with you. This little mushroom was inspired by a quote by Josephine Baker. I hope you are all having some blessed days and you enjoy this little painting. I am at work at the moment, waking through another night. At the moment there are a lot of things in my life changing for the better and I feel very grateful about this. I wish for all of us to realize our dreams and waking up together.

Lots of Light and Love <3

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A very fly (agaric) post!

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Yep ;)

I like these Amanita Muscaria paintings. They always make me giggle a little when I see them.


I am happy they have this effect on you. <3

This should be called art on mushroom mania on the basis of life style.

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you drawing this.... brilliant.

best drawing ...i love muschrooms...

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Haha damn this is great, wish you made the gif a little slower tho its kinda hard to read. Also u should post all the pics they are dope. s/o the aminita for our consciousness tho on the real haha