Walk in the woods: Mushrooms are so AMAZING!!!

in mushrooms •  6 months ago

Such a beautiful world... life really is a miracle!


No filters, no special lense, just a cheap samsung phone with a camera!

You see those colors? I didn't think we had such beautiful and bright blue anything this far north of the equator. This is the kind of thing you see on coral and tropical fish!!!

These tiny little mushroom growing on a dead log are called Green Stain (very original guys, good job!), otherwise known as Chlorociboria aeruginascens... at least that's what my trusty field guide tells me.


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What about this cool purple guy, some kind of purple Mycena?


It is all so interesting. At least all this rain we've been getting is making me learn about mushroom. Now we need to find the hallucinogenic ones... No worries I will not try those either, not as long as I don't have multiple experts telling me they're good medicine 😁!

Have a beautifull day or night, weherever you are and remember we are all living a miracle!


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Wow that is freaky ! Now I know where M&M get their natural blue colouring from lol


Heehee m&m's... Yes so blue/turquoise!!!

Blue and purple mushrooms? Did you go to wonderland? They"re very enchanting


Lol, funny because my wife calls this place our enchanted forest!!!

They are so cute with their vivid colors, nature sure is amazing 💚


I know, it really is amazing. Everyday I find something beautiful out here in the woods

Nature is so beautiful and sometimes unexpected. Great colors and the purple one is gorgeous.


There were a few of that same purple mushroom. Really pretty

Those are some vivid colors. I have seen purples, oranges and reds in mushrooms but am not sure i have ever seen blue ones.

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First time for me!

oh wow! I have never come across that colour in the forest. Now I am going to be on full alert because that is super cool! There really are endless delightful miracles around us!


Yeah isn't that an insane color in the forest? And my phone did a very good job an taling a photo thay didn't change what I was seeing.

Beautiful earth! (Sorry for the late reply by the way)