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My mushroom pets have been busy this winter for this #mushroommonday by @balticbadger

My lion's mane hatched another batch. Once it starts getting a bit yellow then its time to harvest.

So far I think its a bit dry in my place and the mushroom starts getting yellow before it can start growing larger. The winters here in Chicago dry the air out, so I'll probably need to get another humidifier.

This week's batch is about the size of my hand.

My golden oysters are starting another bloom.

Here's a little clump starting out, surrounding it us a bunch of mycelium (the white fuzz).

I cut a couple slices in the side of the block and now some clumps are growing out of the side. We'll see how these look in a couple days.

Here's another image I found from the archives of 2019's mushroom hunts. I've found a few of these clumps but haven't found an id for them yet.

These are super tiny and cover dead logs. Their small size would make them impossible for any kind of meal. Who knows if they are actually edible.

I'll have to dig more to find what they are and if they have any culinary uses.

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Ooh those tiny little things are cute

They are still confounding me on their id, they really infest a few stumps in a small area each year.

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@tipu curate

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Last year I went to Chicago,it’s a nice city.

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You are welcome. Last year I went to Chicago,it’s a nice city.

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I bet you visited in the summer, its coooold here right now.

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Pretty Cool!
Had no idea about mushroommonday,
I have a few pics I think I will share a little later,
Thanks for the tip,
And have a Blessed Day!

Cool can't wait to see them. I'm a bit obsessed with mushrooms.

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When I lived in Europe I used to hunt them regularly, now living in S. Texas, Not so much🤔.
Still If I am out taking pics and see something I am going to take the shot!
Actually wish You was in My area...
I like You "musical style", could make a hit!🤔😁🎸👍🏼
Have A Blessed Day!

Yeah i lived in texas for a bit, too dry there for shrooms.

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Liking the fungi pics👍

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Morel season is just around the corner, hope its a good year for them...

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Nice farming of mushroom photography.