🍄Magic Growing in My Wood Pile🍄

in mushroommonday •  15 days ago 

Or is it????

Happy Monday Steemit and welcome to more #mushroommonday!

I am really excited that so many are participating, thank you!


So, today I have these bike mushrooms called blue round head's or (Stropharia aeruginosa).


The thing is they are listed in the psilocybe family and some sources state they contain psilocybin, which would make them actively magical mushrooms.


I have seen many conflicting reports on this and would be interested to know of any of my lovely mushroom friends have any first-hand knowledge!

Blue round heads aren't poisonous, however they are listed as not edible because they are in the psilocybe family. 🧐🧐🧐


Regardless, they are a beautiful mushroom and when you see in the wild they really make an impression!

Thanks for stopping by and see you next week for another #mushroommonday post!

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🍄 Amazing 🍄

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A new to me and my research came to the conclusion that there are no known psychoactive constituents and I’ve not found a single solitary trip report on the species. But they are beautiful! Did you notice any blue bruising where you picked it and or touched it ?

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No blue bruising. I think people got confused because it was put in the psilocybe family a while back. I just read a paper that didn't find any psilocybin in the mushrooms 😭

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Swing and a miss 😂 oh well... I’ll be doing my “blue meanie” or copelandia panaeolus microdose later this week but it might turn into a macro as I do love the blue meanies. For me they’re a much smoother and lighter body load than the cubensis.

Something that might interest you is reading about the paralysis many experience from psilocybin mushrooms that grow out of wood like you found. This would be the extreme end of the spectrum of the heavy body load I referred to. People describe feeling as if they have been turned into wood and are unable to move for a phase of the trip. I’ll stick to my uplifting energetic funguy haha. And tbh I much prefer good clean lsd but that’s not something I can trespass and find on an agricultural campus 🤪

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Interesting. I am aware of one report of a person who had an extended trip on LSD that involved them turning into wood. It's why Frank Marino named his band Mahogany Rush.

Oh beautiful blue mushrooms..have not seen anything like this in my life. According to my mushroom book..its sci name is Stropharia aeruginosa and it is edible.

Yes I think they are so wonderful! I love the little baby ones growing there.

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Brilliant click, alive

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Thank you!

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They are beautiful. I have never seen them before. I would love to...!!! Amazing color. Nature is most awesome...🤗..!!!!

Yes it is! Thank you so much and thanks for stopping by! 😃

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Whoa cool blue mushrooms, i've never seen anything like those guys before.

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Me neither! So beautiful

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Thanks for the resteem!

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a pure beauty indeed, even on your blurry pics. sably they are imperfect, i wish it was a better macro. a very very very lovely sight !! love this alien shapes and colors so much. I almost never see blue shrooms here. sadly..

Too bad, you could truly capture their beauty! Sadly photography is not my strong suit and only used my iPhone 😁

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np! iphone can do the great job, just took pics when the objects are well-lightened... and dont shake hands... and use your eyes for better composition -- and I look forward to more pics from you!

Thank you very mich! We shall see what I can do 😁

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OMG they are gorgeous! I deeply envy you such sublime turquoise living things. That they are able to provide a boost to euphoria is icing on the cake of beauty.


Thank you so much! I thought so too they are really striking.

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They are quite striking! They certainly look magical. I hope you can find out more on them.

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It's looking like they are not but they did do one study where it will 60-70%of cancerous cells in mice! That's pretty magical in itself!

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Nice! Potentially medicinal then. I've been hearing about the medicinal properties of many mushrooms, recently, and it tends to be the ones which grow on wood which are the potent ones. Reishi seems to come up the most.

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Howdy sir badger! So these are ones that may be another medicinal source? Great photos of them.