Arhats, Hard to Read Their Facial Expressions

in museum •  8 days ago 

There was an another group of the arhats next to the arhats in the agony and the pain. One thing obvious was hard to describe exactly their facial expressions. Their expression looked like close to the despair. It seemed that they hided their emotions deeply in their minds. Sometimes this kinds of subtle despair made us feel sorrow and sad.

It is said that when some one fall in the sadness, they can not speak ‘I am sad. Of course, it is a Korean sentiment, in my guess, those kinds of emotion seems common in the world.

Below are the arhats in the expression of hard to read.







What is your opinion on their expression ?

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Another interesting post, @slowwalker, concerning elusive facial expressions of Arhats that say so much more about the human condition.

There is an emotion that cannot be spoken - it is so deep it is beyond words. The Romans called it lacrima rerum which literally means, tears for things. It speaks of the inherent sadness in our transitory existence.

But there are modern expressions too - such as the Portugese word, saudade, which is a deep emotional longing that cannot be voiced. It is literally a feeling of missingness.

In our pursuit of reality and enlightenment there is a profound experience that cannot be communicated, only realized.

A thought-provoking post, my friend.

Buddhist statues that are very extraordinary and contain historical value in the past sir @slowwalker

I could sense different expressions from the arhats faces for example, anger, agony, pain, indifference and other things and I exactly think it's as a result of the feeling of the person who really carved these arhats.
How long have you spent looking at them?

@slowwalker, These are stone sculptures. So very hard to read their expressions than some clear faces. But I think they faced difficult season of their Arhat's life. Their faces seemed despair of minds. But Arhats had different mind than ordinary people. They passed enlightenment of Buddhist way. But mason's made amazing sculptures to Korean Buddhism.

If there was an award for taking a single place, and milking the bejesus out of it, you would win. So many interactions from people that you don't even upvote. You must have some past history here I'm totally ignorant about. I'm both envious and curious at the same time.


Thank you for your comment.
Interaction here in Steemit is very important to understand each other, in my guess.

Yes, you are right some of the pictures showing arhats with very sad and frustrated faces. Strange that many with such faces are destroyed. Do you think that because people do not like such bad expression and prefer happy ones?

@slowwalker Some of Them Look Upset, but you would be upset too if your creator put a Frown on Your Face.......

Looks like the face my grumpy dog makes when he wants to lick my face and I won't let him