A stop at the Valdez Museum

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So this is the third part of my mini vacation, it all started when my friend came down from Fairbanks. They haven’t been many places or done much even though they have lived in a alaska all their life’s.
We went to the fair, and our long drive and days in Valdez.

I love museums! When we lived in NY I went to the natural history Museum in NY. It is NOT like the movie!

So let’s get This show on the road 😊
I am not going to say much just like in a real museum, I have some illustrations that the museum had up. I will chime in for more detail. Hope you enjoy this mini visit, but I do suggest you visit for yourself. Picture do no justice.

This is what you see as you walk in

Lots of odds and ends in the boxes, pretty stones, arrow heads, bones. The boxes had drawers that opened. Mammoth tusks, mammoth teeth and even a Narwhal tusk.






Natives made rain coats out of intestines, the white parka that looks like it has ruffles.

The teddy bear reminds me of one I use to have.




I have no idea why there is a mountain lion, Just reciently had a confirmed sighting in south east Alaska.



Natives made boats out of skin.

Shown is a small version of the fish wheel and fishing hut.


The two baby back pack looking things are just that, baby back packs. They would put soft moss in the bottom for padding and as an absorbent layer. Just change when needed.

Some native art:

I belive these are all ivory, most likely walrus tusk.

There is one on the far right that looks like it has two heads, it does. It’s a mother and baby, with the baby strapped to the mothers back. The babies head is popping out of the top to share the mothers parka hood.

Well that’s all I have from inside the museum.
We did find this huge thing!

Next up is our travels, leaving Valdez. To include the cave and glacier. 😊

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That buffalo looked alive.

Look at all those cool clothes errr parkas. And they had some really hip boots too. Thanks for the tour! And glad you're enjoying the mini vacay.


Did you see the ‘snow pants’?

Yeah I am not enjoying it. Look into my post about the rv trio and skittish driver 😕😔


Where's the snow pants? I missed it? I saw the dancing boots and lots of boots. I guess I'm partial to comfy looking boots.

goes over to the rv post to read

Oh doggone it, what a crappy start woman. How's your shoulder?

I hope the mini vacay's over. I take that last sentence of my first comment back.

And fishing to me means fishing with poles. But you'll have to teach me too because I haven't gone fishing yet. I'll wait to practice when we get a pond in :P My hubby knows how to fish so he can teach the children and I.

But but but! I can clean fish without having gloves on hahahaha


I had a bruise still when I got home and asked my husband to look. So after 4/5 days It was still there. It hurt for about three days too.

Hang on i will get a picture of the snow pants...

Went and messed with filters and stuff

Here 😊

So glad you know what fishing is.
Glad your hubby knows how and can help you practice.
THANK YOU for knowing how to clean fish!

I am so glad that trip is over. I don’t want to go on another trip anytime soon.


Ohhhhh now that you've pointed it out I can't believe I missed it! It's right beside that colorful blue with eagle shirt (or raincoat)? That's too pretty to be a raincoat. But right beside it are these snow pants.

Not anytime soon... and maybe with just y'all next time. It's how I like it anyway. My family and relatives don't understand how we live so we're pretty much by ourselves.

I was raised in the Philippines so we had lots of fish, gotta learn to clean them (scales, gills, guts etc). Never fished there though, we didn't have a pond so we get our fish from the fishermen selling them at the wet market.

Now that I think about it, I think they used those huge fishing nets and read some news about them using dynamites. Hmm that's like 25+ years ago...I'm sure it's still happening...


This is the rain coat ⬇️

We may go ice fishing this year, it has been years since I have been fishing and we got two augers(ice drills if you didn’t know) this summer for $10!

We are pretty much by our selfs too. I had to teach my husband to fish. His own father had lived in Alaska for 20+ years and never went salmon fishing. Hubbies family is to busy chasing $$$

I was read/watching a fishing documentary, maybe river monsters 🤔 anyways, the host was saying that fish numbers are very low in the amazon river and the branches. That the river is also being polluted by oil. 😔


Ice fishing sounds exciting. Is that where you drill (since you got augers) a hole on the ice and fish through the hole?

Hot chocolate while fishing... brrr

Goes to search ice fishing

Yep that's ice fishing.

We like halibut. Hubby don't want to eat salmon that's store-bought since he had fresh salmon when he was in Alaska.


Yup sitting around a hole big enough to shit in while freezing out asses off. Sounds like a blast! LOL
Yeah several thermos’ full of hot chocolate. Or hot cider.

I love halibut, and ling cod taste the same by the way. I have never had store bought salmon, can’t afford it. It’s crazy what they charge.

Hey, if one can make a raincoat out of intestine, then one would make other things too.....small tarp, bags, etc. Cool. Never thought of that.

Thank you for taking the time to take all those wonderful pictures. I feel like I went with you. I enjoyed it!!!!


Yeah they had some white bags in the case, I assume they are of intestine too.
They use the rain coats mostly for fishing at sea.

You’re welcome, I’m glad you enjoyed it!

There's some really interesting things on display in that museum. You don't often find so many native artifacts on display in a museum.


It seems the norm here in Alaska. UAF and the Anchorage museum have many artifacts on display. The parkas mostly. Not so much on the little nick-nacks.

There are some very interesting artifacts and curious furry creatures in that museum.
I bet it was really tough living without modern technology. The Natives would have been Russian back then wouldn't they (pre 1867)?
Looks like a great museum and a real gem of info/knowledge. It looks like a #Bushcraft treasure trove of info too.
To me, most of those things demonstrate the fine line between #Survival, Bushcraft and tough living.
Great article.


The land would have belonged to Russia, but the natives where not Russian.
Yeah you can really learn from the old school was, it’s just a matter of people actually trying to learn it.