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Dear MUSE Stakeholders,

Securing the MUSE network requires experience, trust, and a willingness to work with other witnesses and project developers. There is a lot more to being a witness than signing blocks and running a node. A witness is part of a community that works hand in hand with the project leaders to help ensure the integrity of the chain.

Over the last few years I have been a witness for Bitshares and Muse (old chain). Currently I have the pleasure of serving as a witness on the Steem and Peerplays chains. This experience has allowed me to get to know and work with a lot of talented witnesses and developers; many of whom I am happy to see are already here.

Each new project brings in an eclectic group of folks from all walks of life. I hope I can count on your support to join their ranks as a MUSE witnesses helping to move the project forward.

Kind Regards,
James aka Riverhead

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Great to have you join the (new!) MUSE ranks Riverhead!

To those wondering what the Muse blockchain is, check out this latest post:

MUSE is a great coin.

Well everybody waiting for it
To check that is it a good one or _____

Thank good posting.

Where can i go to find more information on muse?

Voted your steemit witness some time a go. Am actually not familiar with Muse, but will certainly support you there as you have done a good job on steemit.

Where do I access Muse?


Thanks for the support :). They have a web wallet that will be instantly familiar to anyone from Steemit:

The project site is here:

Also check out posts from @cob for updated info.


Awesome, thanks!

You'll obviously do a good witness. You're one of the most qualified person to run DPOS witnesses. There aren't that much. Good luck with it!

you have my vote!

i just upvoted this article @riverhead , thanks for sharing your great article

Thank you for sharing. Best wishes :)
- @splendorhub

Dear @riverhead, in a thread of comment in my post, I noticed you mentioned you are the host of

In my post, I reveal a strange behavior of firepower, and listed evidences that shows firepower used bot for spamming.

Therefore, firepower led @s4s to down vote me, curse me, harass me, and threaten me.

I have one and only one id at My id is nationalpark. After I post my article, I was not able to login

firepower claimed that I have many alt accounts at and confessed that he banned these accounts. I asked firepower to show the evidence to prove that I have many alt accounts, or apologize. He failed to prove it.

My question for you is, why I cannot login Is it because my account (nationalpark) was banned? If it's banned, why?

Also, because firepower, the persecutor who persecuted me, has the privilege at, I am concerned whether my registration information at can be accessed by the persecutor or not.

My understanding is that is the official appeal channel for Steemit. I believe, it's not fair to let firepower, a spammer and a persecutor, to decide whether I should be banned or not.

Your assistance will be highly appreciated.

Best regards

Muse and Peertracks are new to me - I'm interested to learn more - thanks for the nudge.
On the same 'token' (pun intended) I am currently campaigning for votes as a witness on Steem - I would really appreciate you taking a look at my witness thread and maybe vote for me when you get a chance (I can see you have some votes free and voting for a couple of inactive witnesses too).
I have 20 years professional software engineering experience and also alredy run and admin my own social network - so I have a lot to give to Steemit - here's my witness thread.

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Hey @riverhead - Just a reminder - I can see you are voting currently for @au1nethyb1 whose server is listed as inactive and who hasn't posted to Steemit for over a year. I'd really appreciate if you would consider switching that spot for me to give me a chance to serve the community as best I can.
My witness application is here. Cheers

I haven't grasped yet the meaning of a witness, how does it work or what's a witness duties, need to read more about it. How can I support you?

mind blowing bro.....i am totally impressed for your beautiful hard work.......i think one day you will be the top of the steemit blogger......go ahead bro.....

Dear @riverhead ,
I voted for you as a witness, I have an important question:
for to exchange Steem into another crypto currency we all need an account at a crypto currency exchange. There are 2: Bittrex and Poloniex
Bittrex stopped open new accounts since 15th december, when they start again? Nobody knows.
At Poloniex I tried to sign up a new account yesterday, until today I got no confirmation mail to start the opening procedure!
So what to do?
How can new users exchange their steem? That's the big question and I don't understand why Steemit and the big "whales" not offer any support for that problem, they all have their accounts already.... That makes we wonder, really, because that's the main reason why people join Steemit, to earn a little money, but if there is no possibility for exchange steem, all is useless.
Have you any idea?

Hi @riverhead,My name is Yousuf and I was wondering if you could take a look t my channel where I post photography
heres a link to one of my posts