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RE: Muse in a nutshell from a purely crypto perspective

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I had given up on Muse since there are many other contenders but I'm glad now after I have read this. What is the curation time, I hope more than 7 days?

Too bad that the image is so small.


Did you ever ask anyone from MUSE about speaking in the Whaletank about the platform/project?

I've never heard of Whaletank. By all means tell me more!

Well you can RSVP for next week at @officialfuzzy's blog if it is there already and if not maybe tomorrow. It's usually Saturday at 2:30 UTC? That's 16:30 in West and Central Europe but not the UK.

The steps are

  • RSVP by commenting, instructions in the post.
  • You install Mumble and set push to talk, notifications off etc.
  • You can have a coin / UIA on BitShares and then you'll get certain priveledges like being first on the list of speakers according to who upvoted you and how much
  • And once you're being called you can speak up to 15 minutes and answer questions about your project and earn some BeyondBits and exposure.

Welcome to the club :)

Very good question, I did not so @cob do you want to talk?

As weird as it may sound, curation doesn't play a huge role on the protocol level of Muse. Not yet at least.

Much higher definition of the pic here:

So people cannot like tracks like on SoundCloud? So it's more of a store like iTunes? It's weird to not have likes or comments, I mean that's what makes Steem so great, content curation and earning reputation.

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